The shift from Gurgaon to Gurugram has raised countless brows and critical protests. And it is befitting as well. For, the city needed no name change.

Gurgaon is Gurugram and that much awaited metamorphosis seems to be over. For those who support the idea of changing names, this is a victory which makes the place look more Bhartiya and signifies that never ending penchant for making India look like Bharat. For those who oppose this, Shakespeare has come to their support and they are saying what is there in the name after all. But arguments apart, Gurgaon or Gurugram the city continues to signify the rise of modern India. The India, which started shaping up post economic reforms that was started in 1991.

haryana government renames gurgaon as gurugram Just A Name Change Won’t Suffice, Gurugram Needs A Complete Makeover

Gurugram today is one of the most sought after place for investments and its surroundings reflect a unique mingling of rising manufacturing as well as a mushrooming service sector.  If you travel from Delhi to Gurugram, you will realize that before entering the city, there is a huge Q of inbound traffic from New Delhi. The city today harbors aspirations of many forward looking youth of India. No wonder the name change of city, caused huge debate on social media especially Twitter. While the name change has come faster than expected, there are some changes which the city continues to aspire for and something which looks like mirage at this stage.

If you are in Gurgaon, you will realize that public mode of transport is very poor. If you want to use auto as a mode of transport, auto drivers charge fare looking at your face rather than following meter. You cannot board some of the buses that run within the city. For somebody working in Sector-21 of Gurugram and aspiring to travel to Nehru Place in Delhi, life without his or her own car or office transport will just be impossible.

The city continues to signify the current growth trends in modern India ,where basic amenities are built after the building and offices are ready. There is another aspect of the city which comes out from this. Gurugram has become a place which is highly skewed in favor of the rich. While many people may argue that this is the case with many cities in India, the lack of basic facilities in the city forces you to make arrangements for yourself which is very difficult for a poor man. The city needs to be accommodating by creating more space for the poor and work on a model which makes it a model city if not a smart city.

Gurgaon Just A Name Change Won’t Suffice, Gurugram Needs A Complete Makeover

The infrastructure issues continue worry, this otherwise amazing city. Right from the power supply to roads to other basic issues, the city has its own share of worries. Driving down in the night on the Gurugram-Jaipur highway shows how the roads get chockablock. Many IT firms which have mushroomed in the city compliant about erratic power supply as well.

But this is just an infrastructure issue which can be sorted out with the help of administration. The bigger issue which needs to change is the mindset of the people of a big section of the population. Gurugram continues to be an ultra-aggressive place where temper runs high irrespective of temperature in the city. This turns Gurugram into an unsafe place like Delhi or even more than that. To trust this you need to just carry survey among womenfolk and you will get to know the reality.

By Vivek Sharma

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