Do today’s youth lack moral values and character?

A few months back, I happened to drive through a residential layout in the outskirts of Bangalore.I noticed a few teenage boys playing cricket in the center of the road with some make-shift material. They noticed my car approaching but would not give way.They were busy playing their game.I could hear them talk in ‘good accent English’.Obviously they are all from some International English School,where they charge lacs for the AC class rooms and wi-fi campus.They seem to know everything,except basic manners! After waiting for a while, I honked my horn,waved my hands to make a way.Then the boys unwillingly yielded to my gesture! Why in an International School,where they teach music,horse-riding,swimming etc, they don’t teach how to behave in a civil society? Knowledge to the brim but no character !

A Lack in Morals

Unfortunately, today character has become a casualty in this knowledge-driven world. Kids know what they need not know but do not know what they need to know. Schools focus on making ‘winning students’ not students of character. Young children now know what a ‘saddle buck’ is but do not know what you should do when an accident victim screams for help!

no morals Character is your Currency

Yes,they do not know basic moral values. For example, lying is very common among today’s school children. The children argue with parents, have nick-names for teachers, watch un-wanted videos with friends, imitate popular cartoon characters but all in good spoken English! They can’t differentiate between good and bad, due to peer influence. Parents have almost lost their say, as kids now a days feel that they know better. The worst part is today’s children have no respect or fear for their teachers and news of students assaulting teachers,even Head-Masters, is heard often now.


Today’s children have free access to all cell phones,internet and social-network sites. Their tastes are moulded by their peers and visual media more than parents or teachers.They build their own network of friends and feel they can depend on them for anything. To get their ‘likes’, they go to any extent of even spoiling their image.One of my friend’s son had posted his wedding photos recently on Facebook. Every one of his friends were present in various poses in all the photos! One important pair that was missing in the photos was his parents! Why?

Social Media Character is your Currency

But the good news is that when I attempted counseling some children with love and burden, they were very receptive. They gave me an impression that they have the thirst to know such good values and showed much interest in character building. We need to imbibe good moral and ethical values in them and build their character. Children imitate what we do in action. That speaks into their heart more than any advice we give them. For example, when you help a needy person in the presence of your child, the child notes that and imitates the same.

Character – What and why!

-Character is “an individual’s moral and mental values”.
-A man of character is pleasing to the eyes of the Lord,
-useful to mankind,
-always will be peaceful and happy
-and makes a mark.
-Character may not be necessary to be successful in this world. For example, a wicked man can earn loads of money by adopting illegal means .But the wicked lacks peace of mind and always live in a fear of being caught.

-Character gives one the ability to sail against all odds and remain happy whatever be the situation.
-Money may go, wealth may go, everything else may go but a good character remains and impacts everyone around.
-Character is one’s worth, value, currency
-So, character is more important than anything else in this world.

Character Character is your CurrencyHow to form character?

-Through Parents

How do you know one’s character?

-By his fruits !
-By his responses
-By his peace
-By his clear decisions
-By his choices

So, as parents,teachers,elders,brothers and sisters let us be living examples of good and noble character and save our future generation from the kind of moral depravity that is ruling India now.

By Sundar A.S.

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