Charumitra is all set to even kill her husband Bindusar to get to the throne – Is her acche din finally over?

Ashoka has finally defeated Kichak and sent him to the place he deserved. However, now that Bindusar has united with Ashoka and his wife, Dharma, almost everybody is insecure, especially Sushim and his mother Charumitra. The notorious two along with Rajmata Helena, Mahamatya and Rajkumar Siamak is planning something big this time.

Maharani Charumitra Is Insecure and Highly Anxious

The news of the family reunion (Ashoka, Samrat Bindusar and Dharma) will soon reach Charumitra’s ears. According to the precap, it seems that Dhrupad will announce Ashoka’s victory. No wonder, the enemies of Ashoka will not be happy hearing this news as the young warrior is their biggest enemy. This will make them plan against Ashoka and Dharma.

charumitra Charumitra To Get Exposed?

Charumitra Is Even Ready to kill Bindusar

Charumitra wants her son to sit on the Magadh throne by hook or by crook. Though she never harmed Bindusar till now, the woman is now even ready to kill Bindusar to get his son on thrown. Yes, in the precap of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, Charu is seeing making a statement that if a situation arises, she is even ready to kill her own husband Bindusar so that her son Sushim gets to the throne.

sushim charumitra Charumitra To Get Exposed?

The Maharani Has No Clue about Rajmata’s Intention

Charumitra is getting anxious to make Sushim sit on the crown. However, the lady has no idea that Rajmata who is supporting her is her biggest enemy. We hope, the two finally end up fighting each other as their separation is something that we have been craving from long. Both, Charu and his son, should know Rajmata Helena’s plan. This will immediately separate them without much difficulty.

helena colors serial Charumitra To Get Exposed?

The reality of Siamak’s Parents Should Finally Come out

While, everybody thinks (including Siamak) that Siamak is Bindusar’s son, the truth is he is Rani Noor and Rajkumar Justin’s son. So, he is half Khorasan, half Greek and half Mauryan. We wonder, when and how this truth will come out in open. Perhaps, Charumitra will listen and reveal in frot of everybody to wipe out Siamak’s chances to become the heir. This will make the serial all the more interesting. No wonder, it is high time that Siamak’s mystery should unveil finally in front of everybody.

siamak ashoka Charumitra To Get Exposed?

And lastly,

Will Charumitra Be Exposed Too, now that she is All Set to Kill Even Bindusar?

Bindusar’s first wife Maharani has been playing wicked right from the very start. However, every time she was rescued some or the other way. However, now that she is planning to kill Ashoka along with BIndusar, her husband, it looks like, her end days are near.  After all, she has been escaping from troubles from a long time now.

charumitra prinal ashoka Charumitra To Get Exposed?

Lastly, we are eager to see the entire gang getting exposed for their part in killing Chanakya. Finally, someone especially Radhagupt should now come in action and expose everybody including Siamak. The ganag should finally be punished for their ill deeds or will we have to wait till the leap.

Image Source: Screenshot – Ashoka serial

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