Don’t make a gaffe while buying diamonds for the sake of getting them low-priced. Analyse it before you bring it home.

So, what does this mean? Well, when you buy a diamond and if it has a greentinge, then you should not be paying the same price that you would pay for a yellow-tinge diamond, since if you get a Zimbabwe diamond it should be priced cheaper. The issue arises when your jeweller does not disclose to you that he is selling you a Zimbabwe diamond and you happily purchase from him because he is giving you a lower price than another jeweller who is actually quoting the price for a non-Zimbabwe diamond. Worse, you might be charged the same price and end up with a Zimbabwe diamond.

diamonds Dont Get Cheated When Buying Zimbabwe Diamonds


It may not be a crime to buy Zimbabwe diamonds since the international sanctions have been lifted but it is definitely necessary to know what you are buying to avoid overpaying for your diamond purchase!

By Sarvadajewels at indiaopines blog

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