Know how Arvind Kejriwal can checkmate BJP by merging AAP With Congress!

Arvind Kejriwal Should Merge AAP With Congress ASAP

checkmate bjp congress aap delhi CHECKMATE BJP

  1. It’s a win-win for bothaap congress alliance CHECKMATE BJPpriyanka gandhi aap CHECKMATE BJP
  2. Congress gets the spirited Kejriwal and many motivated and ‘eager to work’ supportersArvind Kejriwal Ramlila Grounds CHECKMATE BJP
  3. Yogendra Yadav, Vishwas, Sisodia, Bhushan would make great additions to the Congressyogendra yadav CHECKMATE BJP
  4. Congress with Kejriwal’s backing would no longer seem to be a corrupt party. Congress “would get its Gandhi”dandimarch CHECKMATE BJP
  5. The number of trained party speakers would swell in the combinationRahulGandhi 20140127 CHECKMATE BJP
  6. Rahul can continue to be the President and Supreme Commander, while Kejriwal can be – Manmohan Singh v 2.0congress party CHECKMATE BJP
  7. Kejriwal’s firebrand politics would adequately compensate Rahul Gandhi’s less powerful demeanor/style. Arvind Kejriwal can show Rahul how to do  ‘Bhatta Parsaul’ rightaap dharna delhi CHECKMATE BJP
  8. Kejriwal may just get his dream to be PM one dayAam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal with other party leaders during a roadshow in Bangalore CHECKMATE BJP
  9. Congress would get energized – A lot of AAP is very young, unlike the one-foot-in-grave cadre of the Congressdigvijaya singh meme CHECKMATE BJP
  10. And with Bedi joining the BJP (after disparaging Modi) – “Life Evolves” as Kiran Bedi put it – no one will question KejriwalKiran bedi Amit Shah PTI big story 650 CHECKMATE BJP
  11. It’s also a win-win for India – as India gets its two-party system (and each party with its own strong pan-india organizational structure and adequate sources of funds)01 CHECKMATE BJP

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