From adorable drizzling to catastrophic flood, this was the rise of impatient mother nature to punish the city Chennai. What was being tested was our unity.

Someone updated in their Facebook status “Its drizzling in Chennai

Another day someone else had updated “Its raining. Enjoying the climate change”.

Things had suddenly changed when this joy of occasional rain paved way to heavy downpour, flood and ultimately to a complete standstill of the city.

chennai floods Chennai Flood

It was quite shocking to think how the Facebook notifications of soft drizzle and joyful rain were re updated with the notifications for ‘marking safe in Chennai flood.’

There had been a time when Chennai’s climate could be explained in three tenses: Hot-Hotter-Hottest. But now, the mother nature herself has proved that this explanation is no more relevant to make sense of what had been going on in the city as far as the weather condition was concerned.

Rain, flood, worries, agonies and pain.. these are the left overs which the city had witnessed by the nature’s sudden changing face. Buildings were isolated, roads were closed, bridges collapsed, vehicles were drowned in water. The city was showing its real face. The dreadful face in its actual sense. The moving population in Chennai had come to a complete standstill .Employees, students, hawkers, beggers-Everybody was trying to make themselves secured without even minding who that person was or what social strata he belonged to. Transportation and communication facilities in the city were totally affected. Mobile networks were jammed, electricity was gone out.

chennai flood Chennai Flood

Being at the midst of all these chaos I realized how our older generations were living without power, communication and transportation facilities. The low battery, no signal and no wifi symbols made the people realise that they can survive without having all these ultra modern basic necessities of lives.. Those days helped us to realise how helpless we are and how ordinary and silly we are. The luxury mobile handsets were lying useless, the debit and credit cards were found valueless, trendy apparels and pile of accessories were left out worthless. Yet another notable fact is that we enjoyed being together, we supported each other, shared and took care of each other. We put aside our mobile phones and started talking to each other, made fun of others, cracked jokes and laughed louder. I should really make it a point that those three- four days  really helped us to learn the real meaning of co-operation, coordination and team strength which no other soft skill training sessions or management academies had ever taught us.

Chennai Muslims rescue flood victims Chennai Flood

When we stepped out of our office building and were moving to our next safest destination, we were aware that things could even be worst and should get prepared for that. I should admit the fact that we were actually enjoying the new experience which the rain had gifted us. We managed to come out of that eight storied building through the stair ways in pitch-darkness. We were lined up in the office campus waiting for further instructions, which I could very easily associate with standing in a single line during our school-college picnics. We were moving in hip level water, and still we managed to find our own space in it.

None of us cared about how we looked like or what we were upto. We just enjoyed moving in that muddy water as if we were in a water theme park. We were posing for pics-groupfies,flood groupfies it can be named and I can tell, that single frame which was neatly captured in a Sony Experia Z1 would mean a lot for us-The state of mixed emotions, the shades of thoughts and further more the spirit of togetherness.

Chennai muslims help Chennai Flood

We had even celebrated a birth day by clapping harder and singing louder and I just wondered what emotion that friend would be having in getting this rarest of the rare luck of celebrating his birth day in a waterlogged compound. Would he have ever thought of a day his friends could sing ‘happy birth day to you’ in a flood ravaged city making the day memorable for him for the lifetime!!!In fact, I was a bit puzzled as to how I could wish him ‘Many many happy returns of the day’.

Chennai flood was a lesson:

I have heard people telling nature is the best teacher.Some people are of the opinion that time teaches you everything.yet another view point is that experience teaches the best lessons in life.but,i am of the opinion that nature,time and experience together has taught the lesson to us during the flood.

A lesson that had made us realize the basic as well as the advanced versions of many simple yet complicated aspect.

By Parvathy Menon

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