‘Anybody can dance’ is a misnomer because not our adorable writer Chetan Bhagat can dance.

Sunday, 19th July emblematically marked the re-birth of Italian Leonardo Da Vinci in Chetan Bhagat’s body. Ah! Don’t frown. Um, let me iron those confusion-driven wrinkles formed between your eyebrows. Well, what till date was well-known to us was about Chetan’s tapping fingers shaping into words and reaching us as a ‘novel’. But Nach Baliye 7 finale spotlighted Chetan’s tapping feet and shaking body causing us to watch agape.

Chetan bhagat But Chetan Can’t Dance Sala

Talents breathed in Leonardo, for what skill on the earth was not his’? Likewise this writer-turned-dancer too seems to have bred variety of to-be-yet-uncovered talents. Well, don’t know what’s in store but his dance was a big fiasco proving Remo D’Souza’s statement, “Anybody can dance” a far-fetched truth. Because not everybody can dance and so can’t Chetan Bhagat.

“I used to think that nothing could be as horrible as my novels but then I saw my dance performance and that myth was comprehensively broken. It is amazing how I keep outdoing myself. Salman Khan is my inspiration as his every movie is a hit regardless of script or a basic plot. I applied the same approach while writing novels and it worked. But now even Salman Bhai is getting critical acclaim for his latest release, so I also feel I should come up with something good. I would leave it to my fans to decide what my next adventure should be,” he said, before signing off.


Twitter’s salt addition to his injury

I wish I could not make mockery out of him, but he himself has not cared to care for his image. An eminent writer like him is expected to be sensible, a tad at least, but much to my dismay, Chetan Bhagat has really disappoited us. For not everybody can be Remo D’Souza and nor everybody can be Chetan Bhagat.

By Prerna Daga

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