If Chetan Bhagat was in fact trying to promote Bihar via his book Half Girlfriend, he has picked a rather strange way of doing so

….By Calling Biharis Drunkards & Gamblerschetan bhagat half girlfriend movie mohit suri CHETAN BHAGAT “PROMOTES” BIHAR

  1. He is something of a phenomenon in India – whatever he writes, people read. Whether you love Chetan Bhagat him or hate him, India cannot be indifferent to the man. His books are amongst the bestselling in India so it’s no wonder that anything he writes is read, reread and commented upon.
  2. After Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), the semi autobiographical 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011), the non fictional What Young India Wants (2012), he wrote Half Girlfriend this year.
  3. The last mentioned novel Half Girlfriend allegedly is unkind about Biharis. According to Yuvraj Chandra Vijay Singh of Dumraon (one of India’s oldest princely states situated in Buxar district in Bihar), “In the novel, members of my family have been described as drunkards. It has also been stated, erroneously so, that the erstwhile Dumraon estate has gone into bankruptcy“.
  4. chetan bhagat CHETAN BHAGAT “PROMOTES” BIHARPeople of Dumraon have also taken offence apparently. Bhagat’s effigies have been burnt to express this displeasure. The book has been described as an affront to the self esteem of Biharis. It is alleged that the author has resorted to regional stereotypes without checking any facts. (Source – Daily Mail)
  5. The Yuvraj has also found it offensive that in the book, the Maharaj of the erstwhile princely state is said to be dead and that its incumbent is shown to be a woman who is also a school teacher. (Source – HT)
  6. Chetan Bhagat has been threatened by a suit for defamation for these “unflattering references” to the Dumraon royal family. However the author has hastened to make amends for referring to the royal family as ‘gamblers and alcoholics’. As reparation he has offered his “lifelong friendship” to Maharaj Bahadur Kamal Singh and ‘Yuvraj’ Chandra Vijay Singh. He has also requested that he be made an ‘honorary resident’ of Dumraon.
  7. According to Bhagat, he has attempted to “promote” Bihar by way of this book. “I set the book in Bihar to promote Bihar, to make people more curious about the state… in some ways we have the same goal… more glory for Dumraon. We should not be adversaries, we should be friends,” is the slightly convoluted explanation he has offered. (Source – HT)
  8. Bhagat is certainly in the habit of using to regional stereotypes to flesh out his characters – even a cursory reading of 2 States will demonstrate this. If Bhagat was in fact trying to promote Bihar, as he claims, he clearly did not pick a very efficient way to do it.

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