Chetan Hansraj won’t be seen as Haider anymore. Know why he left Jodha Akbar & why he will never do a show with Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms

Chetan Hansraj has been an integral and important part of Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar right from the day the show started. In the initial days, we saw him playing the notorious Adham Khan who did not leave any chance to kill Akbar. However, Adham Khan eventually was killed by Akbar – Ending Chetan’s role.

Chetan Hansraj Quit Jodha Akbar Chetan Hansraj : Know Why He Is No More in Jodha Akbar!

Then came the leap, and Adham Khan’s son Haider grew up looking like Adham Khan (Yes, Chetan Hansraj was called upon one more time to play the role of Adham’s son Haider) Everything was going fine until Haider aka Chetan Hansraj left Jodha Akbar fuming over Jodha Akbar team and Balaji Telefilms. So what went wrong between the two?

Well here’s a complete story:

They mostly Used His Body Double and Called Chetan Only For Close Up Shoots, 

After Chetan Hansraj was called again to play the role of Haider, the Production team had promised him 20 days of shoot every month. However, forget 20 days, Chetan was not even called for 10 days. He was called hardly for 3 to 4 days, and this made Chetan angry. Worst, they mostly used his body double and called him only for close up shoots.

chetan hansraj haider Chetan Hansraj : Know Why He Is No More in Jodha Akbar!

He Did Talk to the Production Team, But All In Vain

Chetan who was not happy with the changes, even raised his voice with the production team. However, none of the team members paid any heed to the actors growing concerns. This was going on from past two months. So, Chetan Hansraj decided to quit the show. Going by the tweets, it appeared that he announced his exit on the micro-blogging site first, conveying not just his fans, viewers but also the Jodha Akbar Production Team.

My Character was going Nowhere ~ Chetan Hansraj

While talking to a popular TV website, Chetan Hansraj mentioned how his character Haider was not going anywhere. He also mentioned that the only reason why he came back post the leap was Shalu, the Associate Creative Head of Jodha Akbar. However, it seems all the promises that were made to Chetan were rather empty.

According to Chetan, Shalu, has no idea how to carve a character! And to be honest being a regular viewer of Jodha Akbar we can’t agree more to what Chetan said. The character Haider indeed had no screen space at all. Plus, unlike Adham Khan, Haider was not at all an integral part of the screenplay. If they couldn’t give him any meaty role why call him back.

On that note, why even give birth to such a character? This is a growing concern even with the viewers of Jodha Akbar.  They often feel why the production house introduces a character, when they do not know how to carry them forward. While, it is okay for the young actors, it is indeed humiliating for senior actors like Chetan who has nothing to do in a leading show.

Chetan Lost Lot of Plum Assignments Because of Haider

Chetan Hansraj had already given his dates to the Jodha Akbar team. So, he denied all the assignments that came under his way during these times. However, Chetan was not called even on the assigned dates by the Production house of Jodha Akbar, making him sit idle completely. This infuriated Chetan for a long time as he has family to support, and ultimately when his concern was not attended, he decided to quit the show. If you remember Chetan Hansraj has always been a Balaji Loyalist.

chetan hansraj offscreen pics Chetan Hansraj : Know Why He Is No More in Jodha Akbar!

Wonder, what is Ekta Kapoor thinking…..

Meanwhile, Chetan Hansraj has moved on after saying RIP to his character Haider and is shooting for Savdhan India where he will play the role of ACP Abhijeet…

We wish Chetan all the best – After all, he is one of our favorite actors who we love seeing as an antagonist on TV!

By: Deepti Verma

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