After US, Germany and France our neighboring China has started taking desperate measures to curb what it calls ‘Islamic terrorism’ in its country.

After US, Germany and France our neighboring China has started taking desperate measures to curb what it calls ‘Islamic terrorism’ in its country. 

In a first for the Communist regime in China one of its cities Xinjiang has banned men with beards and women with Burka from using the public transport. This, China’s official newspaper said, had been done in the wake of recent terrorist attacks leading to the death of about 100 persons in Kashgar whick took toll of more than 100.

china ban burka China Bans Beards & Burka : Is It A Solution?

No one denies the right of any country to protect its people from terrorists. But is the solution as simple as that? If a super power like China believes that it can contain terrorism by Uighar Muslims who constitute about 45 per cent of the population of Zinjiang by banning Burkas, hijab, headscarves or any symbol of crescent moon and star, it appears counter- productive. 

Any intelligence official will tell you that tackling terrorism needs a multi-pronged strategy which includes having a modernized intelligence system and monitoring of known terror groups to pre-empt more such strikes. Such measures like banning headgear or beards only puts them on notice which means they will be more careful.

And most importantly, any state that wants to tackle terrorism must go to the root cause of the grievance. Banning beards and hijabs only irritates these Jehadis further and tilt world opinion in their favour leading to more recruits supporting their grievance- real or imaginary.

They can learn from India’s experience in this regard. During the 1984 riots after the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi the faceless goons leading the mobs on rampage against the Sikhs on the streets of Delhi were not satisfied with looting their property or even killing them. Many of them caught hold of innocent Sikhs and shaved their beards to rub the salt in for life as shaving is sacrilege in their religion.

The result was that many of the affected Sikhs and their family members shaved off their beards on their own to camouflage their identity and the police had a hard time identifying them when they stuck.  I know it from my sources in the police that many of those arrested for the infamous ‘transistor bomb’ attacks on Hindus after the 1984 riots had no criminal history. They had turned terrorists because they had seen their parents and relatives torched alive many with burning tyres around their necks.

Officially, this ban in China has been imposed for a limited period in view of a sports event that is scheduled for August 20. But the scars that this will leave on the psyche of Muslims not only in China but worldwide that they could turn Jihadis and that will be dangerous for the entire peace loving countries of the world.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Ban on Burqa

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