The Government of Gujarat issued a map projecting Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir as disputed regions during the signing of memoranda with China.

It was in July 2014 that China was distributing millions of controversial updated maps to its military reportedly reinforcing its claims over Arunachal Pradesh. The PLA Daily had claimed that all major army units would receive new, more accurate maps in the near future. The maps reportedly incorporated China’s claims over the disputed borders with India as well as South and East China Seas.

The new map incorporated China’s claims over Arunachal Pradesh, as Southern Tibet. It stirred up strong reaction in India and dismissed as false cartographic depiction which did not change the reality that Arunachal Pradesh was part of India. China’s military maps are produced by the geographic survey services group under the PLA’s General Staff Headquarters, and are categorised as classified information.

arunachal pradesh india china Chinas Claim Over Arunachal Pradesh : A Cartographic Error of Immense Proportion

On June 28, 2014 the External Affairs Ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin had said,”The fact that Arunachal Pradesh is integral and inalienable part of India has been conveyed to Chinese authority at several occasions including at the very highest level.”

Not much water level has changed in the Lake Mansarover and today nation is facing an embarrassing and stressful situation. On 17 th Sep, 2014, the Government of Gujarat had issued a map projecting Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir as disputed regions during the signing of memoranda with China.

It is so unfortunate that this goof-up took place in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Memorandum Of Understanding was signed in presence of  Prime Minster Modi and visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping in Ahmedabad in hotel Hayat. Mr Singhvi of Congress party has questioned whether the Modi Government had conceded Arunachal to China.

“Mr Narendra Modi, during his election campaign in Arunachal, promised, ‘Mai Bharat ko jhukne nahi dunga, Bharat ki 1 inch jamin bhi nahi dunga’ (I will let India’s head bow before anyone. I will not allow even a single inch of territory to be given).All hell would have been let lose by RSS / BJP power-houses had the mistake been made during the UPA period.

It is dangerous colossal cartographic error with unknown dimensions. It could be used in future by international media and the governments of Pakistan and China as a support of their claims. The Prime Minister’s office in Delhi and Government of Gujarat should apologise for this major lapse and blunder.

The erring officers should be met with exact punishment.

The bottom line is that claims of working for longer hours turn hollow if you can’t work smartly and diligently. It was a simple clerical error of enormous magnitude that could have been easily corrected if the fatigue factor didn’t prevail.

By: Naim Naqvi

Image Source: Arunachal Pradesh,