The Chinese military is thought to be training Pak army close to the LOC of POK. This could be aimed at keeping India as well as Xinjiang terrorists at bay

China Training Pak Army to Keep India & Xinjiang Terrorists at Baychina pak  CHINAS USING PAK ARMY CREATIVELY

  1. We think of the Chinese a country not particularly impacted by terror; one whose administration has no qualms about ruthlessly quashing any terror uprising on its soil. In fact this is a newer phenomenon for our behemoth of a neighbour. It is in the Xinjiang region of North West China, which also contains the disputed territory of Aksai Chin.
  2. It is thought that China’s state sponsored policy of atheism has at least in part been responsible for various terror attacks by Uyghurs (Uighurs) in the area. Reassertion of religious identity and a revival of Islam among the Uyghurs of Xinjiang and the repressive policies of the Chinese state created a situation where people became frustrated and tension increased to form violent and extremist expression. (Source)
  3. Predictably the Chinese authorities have come down extremely heavily on the uprising and according to media reports, the supposed campaign against “separatism and terror” has now become an all out war against conservative Islam. House to house searches, detaining of women in burqas, forcing people to eat during the Ramzan fast, frequent and unjustified arrests and similar repression is now common.
  4. Recently, the eight people involved in alleged Xingjian terror attacks were executed by the Chinese. It is thought that this was a retaliation for the Tiananmen Square car bomb attack last year and other incidents involving a knife assault and explosives flung from a vehicle. (Source – ABC Net)
  5. Pakistan China Joint Military Exercise YOUYI IV III II I V Pakistani Special Services Group SSG w n Peoples Liberation Army Special Operations Forces Zh%C5%8Dnggu%C3%B3 t%C3%A8zh%C7%92ng b%C3%B9du%C3%ACLow Intensity Conflict Operations ssw 8 CHINAS USING PAK ARMY CREATIVELY For India, the knowledge of Chinese troops training Pakistan army now takes on an even more sinister connotation. Reportedly the Chinese are teaching the Pakistanis the art of weapon handling right opposite Rajouri sector of International Border. Though these charges have been denied by the Chinese, there may be good reason not to believe our neighbour’s words. It is well known that China is Pak’s biggest weapon supplier and that the Chinese military is in close touch with Pak forces deployed near the LOC.
  6. It would now seem that China needs the Pak military for a reason other than to keep checks on the Indians; they wish to use Pak forces to check terror activities on their own soil. It is thought that the terror groups operating in Xinjiang have close links with the Taliban which also operates in that part of the world and the Chinese need the Pak army to keep tabs on them.
  7. china pak CHINAS USING PAK ARMY CREATIVELY While official confirmation of Chinese training of Pak troops close to the line of control are not yet confirmed, this is a situation that is fraught with peril for India. Of the two enemies in close proximity to us, the Chinese are certainly more inscrutable and possibly more inimical than the Pakistanis. Indians have long been concerned about presence Chinese military personnel in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) – with very good reason it would seem. A military gangup between our two foes – a possible scenario involving Paki-Chini Bhai Bhai would be a nightmare for our army.

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