China is continuously adding a new feather in its expansion cap.Its expansion policy has engulfed the security of entire Asia in general & India too.

China is continuously adding a new feather in its expansion cap. Its expansion policy has engulfed the security of entire Asia in general & India in particular. It has a long term goal to threaten India & Asia pacific nations. On the one side it has built a sea port in Arabian Sea on the other side it is building road in POK & Nepal. We have a long historical, cultural & geographical relationship with Nepal which in recent years has been dampened by the two sides. We have a perforated boundary with Nepal. Any attempt by the Chinese administration to reach the Indian border through Nepal will certainly proffer a new threat to our security. Although India has opposed the construction work of china in POK, but it was very feeble. Stony silence of our PM in this regard is beyond imagination.

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Contrary to us, Countries near South China Sea seems to be more serious pertaining to threat dogged by dragon. According to Jane’s report, the combined defense budgets in the Asia-Pacific region will grow from $435 billion to $533 billion by the end of 2020. It is going to shift in global military spending away from Western Europe & North America towards emerging markets of Asia.

Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, are building or buying submarines & other sophisticated weapons. If we compare defense preparedness’ of India, we do not find the encouraging position. Take for an example; we have 130 fleet of warships against 500 plus of China. Even our border movement is not arduous due to lack of infrastructure. Our decision making process is stuck in the fear of corruption, though Modi government’s endeavor is encouraging & hope that we will come out from the situation of indecisiveness quickly.

Modi’s USA visit just after historic visit of Barack Obama to Vietnam is very important from strategic point. USA is also feeling the heat of China’s expansion policy. So far Pakistan was the friend to combat any threat to America’s interest in this region, but gradually their friendship faded in the dark shadow of terrorism for which Pakistan is the heaven & same is the threat not only to India but Europe & America too.

chinese threat to india Chinas Threat
President Barack Obama announced the lifting of America’s long ban on selling arms to Vietnam. He told that big nations should not bully smaller ones, clearly indicated China.
In case of India, bi-lateral relations are so far linked with strategic considerations, regularly prevailing over other matters. It can be witnessed with rapid warming of India-US relations under our PM Narendra Modi, who was once barred from entering the US due to human rights concerns. Common fear of aggressive China has led India and US to take their strategic cooperation to an unprecedented height.

However all are not good in USA for us. There is one group of law maker who still leaned towards their old ally Pakistan & to prove their point they try to slug untruth allegations on us. Some of them complained about the poor treatment of minorities. They have taken also a point of maximum number of slavery in India, as reported. The fact is that the minority treatments in India are far better than any other developed country. They enjoy all the rights of main stream.

We will have to use our diplomatic channel to put the real picture on the world plate form. Besides strategic relationships we must cement our composite relationship with USA. We must have to accept the fact that only strategic relation will not serve our interest in the long range being a developing nation. Slow progress of Investment in India by USA is one of the example for our cold relationships in other spheres.

china threats Chinas Threat
In fact after Second World War this is the most conducive situation to develop composite relation with United States. We provide main market to them. According to one estimate they produce more than 30 percent of capital & consumable goods against 20 percent local consumption. Let us harvest the best out of it. If not now than never.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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