Autowallahs in India are unbeatable when it comes to hounding passengers. This video by Christine Fair is a boon to our age-old bane.

Rotten autowallah is the peculiarity of India. No doubt exists if I say that an ‘autowallah’ in India is potent enough to muck up your early-morning-serene-mood. Literally a man in India faces more tantrums from an ‘autowallah’ than his ‘woman’. Where to start from and where to end up, an autowallah’s story is something horrendous which every Indians read every day, albeit forcefully.

autowallah india This Is How A Foreigner Prudently Dealt A crooked Autowallah

Here to every autowallah-driven puppet, this video posted on YouTube on Wednesday night by an angreji madam, Christine Fair, an assistant professor with Georgetown University in Washington DC, who hailed an auto rickshaw to go to the Charminar but the driver’s refusal fumed her resulting in a strategic lesson to that foul autowallah. The autowallah demanded to take her with meter off which led her to deal him with the quintessential wit.

Christine warns him that she would not un-board his auto at any cost even if it eats away all her day and would please every coming passenger with her foreign tone on the songs ‘Mujhe Neend Naa Aaye’ (Dil, 1990) and ‘Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hai’ (Anarkali, 1953).

The ‘autowallah’ was on the brink of scratching his head under frustration. But Fair’s gimmick left him helpless effectuating him to do nothing but kickstart his auto.

She has a perfect record of giving Indian autowallahs a perfect lesson in this witty style of hers.

So, Dear Indians, gear up and give birth to ‘Fair’ within you.

By Prerna Daga

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