Zee TV’s Buddha mis matches the entire chronological order of the real events that happened. Here’s a bit of instances where the makers made blunder

Chronological order plays an important role in history especially if it deals with a person who managed to make this world a better place to live in. However serials and television shows due to their lack of research or should I say negligence often try to mismatch the order to manipulate the sequence. Zee TV’s Buddha is one such example.

Although the show potrays almost all the things mentioned in the available historical data, the serial often disrupts the chronological order and changes the sequences of things that happened in the past.

For instance, in reality the entire episode of Siddharth asking alms and Bimbisara’s men identifying him in the Rajgaha happened early in Buddha’s journey before he met his first guru. But here they showed the meeting after he left his first guru and the funny part is that the serial shows Siddharth reaching Magadh while all the historical written documents talk about Rajagaha,the place wich was founded by Bimbisara as their meeting place. buddha promo poster 206x300 The Chronology Mishap in Zee TV Buddha In addition, something that irks me time and again while watching historical events is the time allotted for each incident. While, it takes 2 episodes to show a single night sequence of Siddharth’s marriage, it doesn’t even take half a episode to show Siddharth becoming a pro monk from an amateur sanyasi.

While, it is obvious that the transformationwould have taken years, don’t you think so? Even Swastik Picture’s Mahabharat which airs on Star Plus too has a habit of following this trend.

Going by the serial, I’m surprised to see how quick they showed that Siddharth learnt the yogic meditation from his first guru Guruvar Alara Kalam. I mean, shouldn’t they have given certain inputs about the technique so that even the aam aadmi and especially the young generation who are keen to learn the spiritual ways could have gained slight information on the topic.

But it seems that, the show is more entitled to earn TRPs and compete with the saas bahu serials rather than bestowing its audiences with some real information and lessons to learn.

 The Chronology Mishap in Zee TV Buddha Perhaps, the future journey and episodes of Buddha might provide us with a detailed explanation but going by Mangla, Devdutt and Dronadhana’s wicked plans, I just hope the serial makers do not concentrate their time much in their wickedness but give immense attention to the goodness of Siddharth and his positivity.

Next, as per the records Siddharth should head towards his next guru Udaka Ramaputta to learn the techniques of yoga but going by the plot of the Buddha serial you never know if they put something amidst the sequence which they forgot to show earlier. In addition, get ready to see a whole episode on the wicked plan of the trio – Devdutt – Dronadhana – Mangla, whereas only half an episode or even less then that dedicated to Siddharth’s learning lessons under his second guru Ramaputta.

In the coming episodes, I just sincerely hope we are offered with Siddharth’s journey in detail, the sufferings of his wife, his son’s Rahul’s struggle, the ahony of his parents, Bimbisara’s fondness towards Buddha and then the animosity of Devdutt towards his cousin Siddharth rather than giving great amount of attention to Mangla andDronadhana which are more like a side actor in the life story of Buddha.

By: Deepti Verma

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