ACP Pradyuman, Daya and Abhijit raided the Kapil Sharma show and they actually increased the quality of the show by their jokes

The Kapil Sharma show is more about the guests than the comic aspects these days as the series only gets watchable post the arrival of the guests otherwise there is little things worth noticing and laughing at, no matter how much the team tries to act funny.

The Not So Funny Skit before the Arrival of the CID Team

Yes, the creative team has to ensure that just because it is a Kapil Sharma show, people won’t flock around the TV to watch the series they have to write better jokes especially during the start before the arrival of the guests. Unfortunately, despite the best actors and team, none of their funny liners and jokes make us laugh. The creative team has to ensure that they hire good writers to pen down funny script which can make us go ROFL. Obviously making fun of a person having buck tooth isn’t funny and these jokes make nobody laugh.

The Kapil Sharma Show poster The CID team on the Kapil Sharma Show Save The Viewers from Poor Jokes!

Kapil Sharma too in his police avatar didn’t impress much. All he did was slapped everyone and expected us to laugh. Well, I think we all have evolved from this so called act of comedy already. Yes, the first part was no less than a flop show. However, we were saved when Sony TV’s CID team came to our rescue.

ACP Pradyuman Along With Abhijit and Daya on the Kapil Sharma Show

But then the show welcomed the real stars of Sony TV, the CID team who have been ruling TV from more than a decade now. Yes, the show welcomed the CID trio – ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam), Abhijit (Aditya Srivastav) and Daya (Dayanad Shetty) and it was indeed very refreshing to see the serious actors in their real funny avatar.

cid team kapil sharma show The CID team on the Kapil Sharma Show Save The Viewers from Poor Jokes!

The best part of the show was when ACP Pradyuman asks, “Who can laugh at a dead body?” and Kapil Sharma replied, “Siddhu pajji can!” It was indeed funny to see that both the cast and crew making fun of their own shows and characters like Kapil making fun of Navjot Singh Sidhu’s laughter. We all know how the Internet is abuzz with his shayari and laughing memes.

Then again the team kept on repeating the iconic dialogues of CID like “Kuch Toh Gadbad Hai Daya” and “Darwaza Todd Do!” Besides, Kapil Sharma kept on asking Daya about his obsession for doors and breaking them apart.

acp pradyuman daya abhijit kapil sharma The CID team on the Kapil Sharma Show Save The Viewers from Poor Jokes!

Abhijit too was at his best. We do see his comic timing in the CID show when he fights with Salunkhe. Here, it was interesting to see how he doubts every other sentence of the buyer at the tea shop where he stands as a bystander. While, there was hardly anything to laugh in the show, it was the CID team’s little gesture and moments that mad us laugh. No wonder, the CID trio knows exactly how to save the viewers’ day. They have been doing it from past one decade for Sony TV.

A simple request to Kapil Sharma and the creative team – Kindly hire better writers so that we can have a hearty laugh over the weekend.


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