Today the city of Kobani is burning. Civilians are going hungry. They are trapped between US air strikes, mortar shelling and street battles.

It’s not unfortunate that people aren’t genuine; what’s unfortunate is that insincere people try to act sincere and in doing so, mislead and deceive the other. I would rather meet a person who is not amiable and who does not feel any burden to act amiable towards me. We get deceived, and I’d rather not be deceived! I’d rather be able to see a person for who he/she is and not judge a brute for being a brute, but avoid the brute who carries the burden of acting like a wonderful one!”  – C. JoyBell

This adage is as true in politics as in normal life.

city of kobani controlled by US1 As the City of Kobani (Ayn el Arab   The Eye of Arabia) Falls...

The policeman of the World, Uncle Sam, has a track record of double speak and exemplary chasm between the words and deeds. So, when sometime back President Obama spelled his ISIS policy, at a press conference with Estonian President Toomas, he was awfully incoherent and short of being comprehensible. First, he said the goal was to “degrade and destroy” ISIS. Then, he said the goal was to get to “the point where it is a manageable problem.” The world was confused between the terms – degrade, destroy and manage.

When a reporter asked him – “Did you just say that the strategy is to destroy ISIS, or to simply contain them or push them back?”

President Obama replied with all conviction at his disposal: Our objective is to make sure that ISIL is not an ongoing threat to the region.  And we can accomplish that. It’s going to take some time and it’s going to take some effort. As we’ve seen with al Qaeda, there are always going to be remnants that can cause havoc of any of these networks, in part because of the nature of terrorist activities. You get a few individuals, and they may be able to carry out a terrorist act. But what we can do is to make sure that the kind of systemic and broad-based aggression that we’ve seen out of ISIL that terrorizes primarily Muslims, Shia, Sunni — terrorizes Kurds, terrorizes not just Iraqis, but people throughout the region, that that is degraded to the point where it is no longer the kind of factor that we’ve seen it being over the last several months.”

city of kobani As the City of Kobani (Ayn el Arab   The Eye of Arabia) Falls...

Much water has not flown beneath the bridge of Tigris and world is watching the untrammeled progress of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS onslaught on Kobani, which started in mid-September, has forced thousands of people to flee the area. ‘Kobani’ is a city in the Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. It is also known as ‘Ayn al-Arab’. The city had a population of 45,000 that comprises Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and Armenian communities.  Today the town of Kobani is burning. Civilians are going hungry. They are trapped between air strikes, mortar shelling and street battles.  

ISIS is holding the eastern third of the city. It has also gained the strategic Mistanur hill which overlooks the city. Kurdish refugees are fleeing Kobani to enter Turkey at Suruc. Still, these hapless refugees are hopeful that America would help them. Many local Kurds are referring Obama as “Father Obama”. And ‘Father Obama’ is not letting them down completely. The US said there had been five air strikes in the south and west of Kobani, destroying an ISIS base and two vehicles, and hitting two groups of Isis fighters. This is country that has a history of exploding the Atom Bombs on Nagar Saki and Hiroshima to discipline Japan.

Following the latest air strikes the White House admitted that military advances by ISIS in Syria showed the limits of America’s policy to “roll back” its fighters without committing US ground troops. “There are limitations associated with the exclusive use of air power,” said President According to Mr. Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest: “Our strategy is reliant on something that is not yet in place … a Syrian opposition that can take the fight to ISIS.

us arab world As the City of Kobani (Ayn el Arab   The Eye of Arabia) Falls...

Literally what the US means that it wants to, if not defeat ISIS, then roll it back to the point where it can’t threaten entire nation-states as it does now.

The West is calling on Turkey to support Kurdish forces operating in Syria. But the Turks have their own historic problems with Kurds over their links to separatists operating in Turkey..

The Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, called for “strategic patience” in assessing events in Syria. “Air strikes alone are not going to save the town of Kobani,” he said. “There’s an element of strategic patience needed.”

Iran is still a pariah state for West. The Kingdoms of Middle East continue to play their game of playing with hares and hunting with the hounds. The Kurds, the Yezidis, the Christians and Shias are suffering and dying. ISIS is enjoying the beheading spree as usual. The West is trying to capture the ISIS beast with bare hands suspended from sky.

By: Naim Naqvi

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