The row in JNU campus after the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, president of students’ union, hints that the clampdown on the JNU had been pre- planned.

Even as the protests against the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union are spreading across campuses, there appears a definite hint that the clampdown on the JNU had been pre- planned.

A hint of this came in a program on NDTV where Sucheta De, one of the panelists on the discussion over the program where anti-India and  pro Afzal Guru slogans were raised, said the script for this attack had been written in an article in Panchjanya, earlier which said that anti- India elements had been holed up in JNU.

This was also echoed by Mridula Garg, a professor from JNU who said that she was not sure about the identity of the persons who had raised the slogans because almost every political outfit had distanced itself from these anti India slogans.

jnu protest Was The Clampdown On JNU Scripted?

Going through the statements of various student leaders and intellectuals about  this sudden burst of anti- India activities in Delhi, it would appear there is a larger design behind these developments.

We have seen how the suicide of Rohit, the Hyderabad Dalit student has put the BJP on the back foot. There too this began as a fight between the leftists and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and not as a Dalit non-Dalit issue.The two recent incidents, one in JNU and the other in JNU, have given the state a weapon to attack its opponents with the sanction of society at large.

These events have made people forget the brutal lathi charge on students who had gone to protest at the RSS headquarters at  Jhandewalan in New Delhi where besides the police many burly men in plainclothes attacked the students while the police just looked the other way.

JNU Anti Inida slogans Was The Clampdown On JNU Scripted?

The kind of slogans that were raised at the JNU program were so abhorrent and obviously provocative that the university should have been allowed to conduct a proctorial inquiry to identify the individuals who had brought the name of JNU into such disrepute.

But by steam rolling  the proceeding and sending police battalions to arrest the culprits the Government has made the JNU administration redundant.

Who knows these developments pave the way for the redoubtable Subramanian Swamyto make a back door entry in JNU after his last attempt was foiled by the same JNUSU while lies in disarray today.

hindustan thursday february communism against sanjeev students a2ec2f2a d0dc 11e5 a2fe c1a20f4c7a81 Was The Clampdown On JNU Scripted?

And lastly, after dividing the people on minority/ majority, beef eating and non beef eating  issues, these developments have managed to create a rift among the youth of Delhi who had common friends in JNU but after this they have started distancing themselves on social media sites.

 By Amitabh Srivastava

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