What we really need to clean up the mess that is Indian politics, instead of negative campaigning and billboards in our faces, is principles and policies on things that really matter.

There is an interesting phenomenon that goes on in our whole election process, the crux of which is essentially utter nonsense.  The thing is that, all these ads from different political parties, all the spokespersons appearing in the news shows, all the print media campaigns; everything seems to be solely focused on the deficiencies of the other parties and not the strengths of their own. Not that this hasn’t been noticed, but this kind of mess has not been dealt with in a severe way.

In all this incessant ranting and complaining, what brings the most grief is the fact that people vote for the party which is, well, the least irritating.We seem to have accepted the rowdy, unruly and ever fighting morons that run this country, and choose the ones who make the least noise. Why should we settle for that? Should we not vote for a party that we actually have full confidence on? Don’t we deserve a group of people who put country before self? We don’t, actually.

Part of the problem is that, we , the people who elect, make do with what we have got. This is not right. We must not vote for any party, and continue to do so until at least one of them realizes that flashy ads and oft used rhetoric cannot bring them to power.They must stop bickering on T.V. channels and get to work. To get our vote, they must earn it. They must present their ideas for budget, foreign policy, economic reforms, international strategies and other important issues, to make us believe that they indeed are game to run this country. They must convince us that the state of the nation will be better 4 years from now, that we are in safe hands. Then, and only then will we cast our vote for any party. For our vote is not just any number. It is the fate of our country that we hand to party when we vote for them.

I hope this message reaches people, and they realize just how important their vote is. How pathetic it is to settle for what we have and how dismal the state of our Nation becomes when we do so. I can only hope.

By Abhishek Das

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