Colors TV serial like Naagin and Sasural Simar Ka is a threat to kids’ innocent and naive minds

These days Colors TV is showing a wide range of serials – From romantic family drama to historical fiction and even shows on social issues. Besides, the channel has got into another genre and that is supernatural thriller with its two shows – Sasural Simar Ka and Naagin.

Both the serial is full of supernatural things like “ghost”, “tantra mantra”, “bhoot pret”, “jaadu – tonna”, and this is the reason why more than adults, even kids are glued to these serials especially Naagin.

naagin serial1 Why Colors TV Should Not Show Naagin & Sasural Simar Ka at Prime Time!

However, These Serials on Colors TV should Not Be Aired at Prime Time

These serial with supernatural themes is not at all suitable for children. This is the reason why it should not be aired at prime time and can be scheduled in the night post 10 pm. No wonder, such TV serials can influence the kids in a wrong way as it talks about superstitious and orthodox things which TV channel should avoid.

naagin Why Colors TV Should Not Show Naagin & Sasural Simar Ka at Prime Time!

Watching series like Naagin Ichchadari Naagin comes to take her revenge or Sasural Simar Ka where ghost doesn’t stop to trouble Simar is something that can leave a negative impact on the kids. Exposing them with these ideas and thoughts is not a sane idea. This is the reason why many parents have been requesting the channel to shift the serial at different time slots.

Supernatural Thrillers and Horror Shows Are Dangerous

While, adults understand everything that is going in horror and supernatural series, children go in the flow, they grasp everything that they see. Being innocent and naïve they think such things can happen. They start believing the same. It is strange how we act quite modern and sophisticated in our lives but do not refrain from making, acting or watching such serials.

sesha shivanay naagin Why Colors TV Should Not Show Naagin & Sasural Simar Ka at Prime Time!

Not just the makers even the actors do not shy away from being a part of such shows when they know these horror non sense and supernatural thrills on a daily basis is simply a wrong influence to the kids. You never know if kids too buy this philosophy of ghost theory and Icchadari Naagin like it is shown in the serials. Well, these are young minds.

India is No More the Land of Snake CHARMERS

There’s a stereotype in the west that India is a land of snake charmers and by showing these serial Balaji Telefilms’ and Reshmi Sharma Production is proving it. It would be rather very interesting and sane if these production houses in the name of entertainment show us some productive and positive thing instead of showing destruction in the name of superstitions.

rajat tokas naagin icchadari nevla Why Colors TV Should Not Show Naagin & Sasural Simar Ka at Prime Time!

We might be able to handle this nonsense but our kids surely cannot. Colors TV should think about it and be responsible about it.

This post is inspired by our reader’s mail Arun Adalja who is against Colors TV for showing Naagin and Sasural Simar Ka on primetime and wants the viewer to come and join the protest so that the Channel shift the shows for a later slot.

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