Here are some reasons why Colors TV should drop the idea of merging serials

Colors TV has a good range of TV serials which includes a lot of different genre from romance, family drama to supernatural thriller and even serials based on societal issues including superstitions. So, we have serials on almost everything on Colors TV.

So, there is Swaragini which a romantic fiction and is high on TRPs and then there is Sasural Simar Ka which earlier was a family drama but has now turned into a supernatural thriller with weird logic and concepts. In addition, there is a third newly launched serial Krishnadaasi.

swaragini sasural simar ka Why Colors TV Should Stop Merging Serials!

While, all these three serials are totally different, the channel seems to be playing a rather very dirty game. Yes, much to our dismay, Colors TV keeps on merging the serial which is not only unnecessary but also pointless.

Merging a low TRP serial like Krishnadaasi or Sasural Simar Ka with High Trp Serial Doesn’t Mean People Will Watch the Low Trp serial

Now that Swaragini is doing well and has a good viewership almost all the fans and viewers gear up to see the show. However, much to our irritation, we see a strange sequence where Swara of Swaragini meets the protagonist of Krishnadaasi. Not just that there is sequences from Krishnadaasi too. Now why would any viewer who watch Swaragini will watch Krishnadaasi in the time dedicated to Swaragini?

swaragini krishnadaasi Why Colors TV Should Stop Merging Serials!

Don’t you think by doing this the makers and the channel are simply giving the viewers additional headache which they are in no mood to take. The viewers of Swaragini have been complaining about the merging from long. They are not interested in the concept of Sasural Simar Ka and Krishnadaasi. No wonder, by merging the serials, Colors TV anyways won’t be successful in increasing the TRPs of Krishnadaasi and Sasural Simar Ka but will surely leave no stones unturned in dropping the TRPs of Swaragini.

How Come A Character of Other Serial Affects the Plot and Storyline of Other Serial?

Swara meets Simar and loses her bangle which Sanskar had given her a gift. It was a prized possession but Swara simply loses out because of Simar and it affects their relationship. Now isn’t this totally insane – Should such things happen in TV serial? (Though we know anything can happen).

Earlier we had also seen a character from Sasural Simar Ka doing black magic on Sanskar and controlling him totally. What a shame to the writers, directors, producers and of course Colors TV.

swaragini swara ragini Why Colors TV Should Stop Merging Serials!

Merging the serials is nothing but sheer non sense. Colors TV should rather stop showing such a nonsense and concentrate on individual serials. Instead of Mahasangam, Trishakti, the CHANNEL should concentrate on Television Ka Blockbuster and keep the viewers entertained with the serial of their choice rather than forcing them to watch other serials on the channel.

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