The 19 April episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil took an ironical look at our politics and parodied much that is wrong with it

Election fever is on at Comedy Nights with Kapil , and why not – everyone and his cousin have their very fixed, dearly held views about the ongoing Loksabha elections. Much of the humour of the 19 April 2014 episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil was centred around the way that our elections are contested and conducted.

Sittu on Comedy Nights

Vote for Kapil Comedy Nights with Kapil, Sittu & Gurdaas MaanThe episode largely dwelt upon the candidature of Sittu Sharma – Bittu’s supposed brother on the show. While Sittu, Raju the domestic help, Dadi and Bua managed to raise quite a few laughs via the show, recurring themes of money power, intimidation and dishonesty in elections held up a mirror to the realities of elections in our country.

The show took a lighthearted but ironical look at the way so much still pivots on the bribes offered just before elections, on how goons and criminals get elected to politics and so on. The would be janata ka neta is seen to try and figure out how to get himself elected, without having any kind of agenda for what he will do for his constituency and people if he does get elected. Sound familiar? Very, I would say.

There was another social comment made on the show – how so many of us tend to be so preoccupied with our personal lives that elections pass us by and we neither perform our duty to vote not exercise our right to cast a vote.

Gurdaas Maan on Comedy NightsGurdaas Maan on Comedy Nights Comedy Nights with Kapil, Sittu & Gurdaas Maan

The last part of the show featured Gurdaas Maan, the famous Punjabi singer-actor who spoke briefly about Indo-Pak collaborations and about his upcoming film Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar Poster Comedy Nights with Kapil, Sittu & Gurdaas Maan

And meanwhile, here is one of the past episodes of the show, this one featuring Rajat Sharma, who put Kapil in the dock and grilled him as he is wont to do with his other guests:

By – Reena Daruwalla

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