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Finally, Comedy Nights Live is on air with host Krushna Abhishek along with his co-comedians Sudesh Lehri and Bharti Singh. Now that this show is happening minus Kapil Sharma, we decided to watch the same.

Yay or Nay – Here we share the detailed review of Colors’ Comedy Nights Live:

comedy nights live colors Comedy Nights Live Review   Yay or Nay?

The Prologue

We all know how the channel promoted the show. Well, it didn’t leave any stones unturned to take a dig on Kapil Sharma, the ex-host with whom the channel had a major fall out. The first episode did continue the trend. Looking like, the channel is taking out its frustration on Kapil, the ex-host. However, Krushna Abhishek the current host has denied any sort of animosity with his counterpart Kapil and has cleared that he is just following the script.

comedy nights live review Comedy Nights Live Review   Yay or Nay?

The First Impression

The setting of the newly launched show is more or less the same as that of Comedy Nights With Kapil. The makers have not deviated much from the original format. Interestingly, the show also has a replacement for Navjot Singh Sidhu. Well, again a Pajji in the form of Mika Singh.

krushna abhishek madhuri dixit Comedy Nights Live Review   Yay or Nay?

In the first episode, the guest in the house was Madhuri Dixit Nene. The way the guest was greeted reminded us of the old show. The comedians even danced to the tunes of Madhuri’s song and a tribute video of her famous song – Ek Do Teen was played as well. Towards the end, there was also an open question-answer session with the live audience.

What’s Interesting: The Yay part!

Good thing is that there is no new thing in the show. Yes, the formula, theme, setting remains the same and so does the format. That means every week you’ll see new guests coming on the show. Besides, you’ll get to witness the antics of Bharti Singh. Yes, Bharti Singh is fantastic and much better than Krushna Abhishek.

mika comedy nights live Comedy Nights Live Review   Yay or Nay?

Bharti’s character as Bitoo Sharma’s son gave us some reasons to laugh. It was indeed funny to see her calling as Bittoo’s (Kapil Sharma) son. Mika too is worth mentioning her as the singer entertained the viewers with a song in the start as well as the end of the episode.

What’s not: The Nay Part!

Not all the jokes cracked in Comedy Nights live will make you laugh. Though the team desperately tries to live upto the expectation of Comedy Nights with Kapil they fail completely. Almost every time, the viewers are reminded of Kapil and his jokes.

krushna abhishek cnwk Comedy Nights Live Review   Yay or Nay?

Also, the digs on Kapil were in bad taste which the fans and viewers didn’t appreciate at all though Bharti was seen defending him time and again. Besides the show looked like a mismatch of CNWK and Comedy Nights Bachao as the comedians roasted one another, the guest as well as the TV channel, Colors. Though we are in love with Comedy Nights Bachao we hope team Krushna Abhishek do not try to put the same content in Comedy Nights Live. No wonder, the mismatch in the show made it quite boring.

Final Verdict:

If you watch the show without expecting anything you might like it. So,  while watching ensure that you watch Comedy Nights Live without any expectations.

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