Indian Public is enjoying the comedy of Indian Politics – Our politicians and political parties never stop to regale and bemuse their supporters and antagonists alike.

Our politicians and political parties never stop to regale and bemuse their supporters and the antagonists as well. While BJP and its media captains had been working overtime to gloss over L.K. Advani’s sulking over Modi’s nomination and his “Nan na karke pyar tumheen se kar baithe” syndrome (Worth a watch – see below).

Congress Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi also took his mother, Congress Party and our innocuous P.M. by surprise. His late awakening idea is correct in general, but the belated attempt to distance himself from the cabinet decision would convince no one. Where was he when the moat was being filled? As a Congress vice-president his calling the government’s ordinance “nonsense”, fit to be “torn up and thrown away” is immature. He should have spoken the right time and at the right avenue. Now, he would have his way and he should have his way in this matter. The correction at any stage is better than obstinacy and egg-headedness. Only the coming election would explain how the public took his about-turn.

Manmohan Singh Rahul Gandhi Comedy Nights With Indian Politics

Cartoon – Manmohan Singh & Rahul Gandhi – Before & After

Now we have another malapropism. It is unbecoming for a P.M. aspirant to say that ‘CBI’ would fight against him in the next election – this surprised no one. Public is so used to Narendra Modi’s ‘dialogue-bazi’, the empty rhetoric. They know what he is going to say before he says. There is fatigue and repetition in general in his speeches and he is able to titillate only the RSS CADRES. We have now ‘Congress Bureau of Investigation’ and Narendra Modi’s ‘Communal Bureau of Instigation’. Politicians have stooped so low to win the brownie points that they care two hoots in running down those National Institutions which took so long to build up.

See how reckless the political machinations have become – another Gen V.K. Singh is desperately trying to prove his credentials to Narendra Modi and against the Congress.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must be a very worried man. Rahul has pulled the carpet from under his feet and that also when he is at the very end of his not so enviable career. So is the case of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. He has his trusted aides in jail; he doesn’t know the future strategy of the Advani group which is changing colors like chameleon and also he has something unique to worry about – The health department of North corporation has found that the ‘Aedes aegypti’, the mosquito that causes dengue, has been breeding at the Japanese Park in Rohini. The discovery has put the BJP against a new kind of enemy. The municipal officials are in a tizzy. They have dispatched officials from the health, horticulture and sanitation departments to the Japanese Park to take up against the new enemy. These officials have been working day and night to sanitize the area. BJP is on an overdrive to ensure that no participant contracts dengue at the venue. Directions have been given to ensure no presence of mosquitoes within a 1-km radius of the venue. Stagnant water around the park has been drained and the sewers too have been cleaned. “We know the turnout will be huge and we cannot take a chance. It may be a political rally but we have to ensure that people who come to attend the function go home safe,” North corporation commissioner P K Gupta said.

The nightmare is that the Rohini Zone has reported the maximum number of dengue cases in the capital this year — 397 cases so far.

Now, from dengue mosquito to diplomats, BJP is still facing new kinds of problems. The party, in an effort to put up a larger than life portrait of NaMo, has invited diplomats from around 50 foreign missions to attend the Rohini rally here on Sunday. To add unease to already strained itenaries, US Embassy and the British High Commission have conveyed to BJP they will not be able to honour the invite. “The US Embassy has informed us that Ambassador Nancy Powell is in the Washington and she will not be able to honour the invite. British High Commissioner James Bevan is also travelling abroad. So he will not also be able to attend the rally,” Goel said.

Putting aside the previous shameful rejections of Modi’s visa efforts, BJP had invited the US Ambassador to make a cunning point. This party is testing the US resolve time and time again. After Modi was anointed BJP’s prime ministerial candidate on September 14, the US had said there was no change in its visa policy with regard to the BJP leader and that he was welcome to apply for the same.

Britain had ended its decade-long boycott of Modi nearly a year ago but maintained that engagement with the Gujarat Chief Minister was not an endorsement of him. So, the circus of absurd is running full steam for both the parties.

Indian Public is enjoying and biding its time.  Thanks Heavens for Big Boss 7 and Comedy Nights with Kapil !

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