Now that Comedy Nights With Kapil & Arvind Kejriwal got cancelled, here I come up with my own questions that Bittu could ask AK in his own comic style

Ever since Aam Aadmi Party surprised people in the Delhi elections with its super performance, Kapil Sharma wanted to invite Arvind Kejriwal on his comedy show where he asks questions with a twist of humor. Finally, the shoot was scheduled on Wednesday, April 9, but unfortunately it was cancelled.

No, Mr. Kejriwal wasn’t busy holding a dharna outside Modi’s house but since the shooting was just before 48 hours of elections in Delhi, both Kejriwal and Kapil didn’t want to violate any rules.

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I wonder what was Bittu’s question for Mr. Kejriwal, but here are few of my own that I would have liked Bittu to ask in his own comic style:

Q. Kya Haath Ke Bina Jhaadu Chal Sakta Hai – Can ‘Broom’ work without ‘Hand’?

A sarcastic question, I wonder how Kejriwal would react to this because neither a broom can wipe without hand nor AAP can sustain without Congress. We all know what happened in Delhi elections. Need I say more?

Q. Sir, I would like to make a movie with you titled “Dharna Manna Hai” will you act in it?

With so much emphasize given to his dharna which now has become butt of jokes, I’m sure this would act as a tadka in the laugh riot.

Q. I have heard you are so honest that you actually Roll On the Floor Laughing when you type ROFL, is it true – Can the desh ki janta have a demo of your honesty?

Besides, I wonder being an AAM AADMI whether Arvind Kejriwal would sit on the stage or sit amongst the audiences in the show. Ah, we really missed one of the best episodes of Comedy Nights with Kapil. Never mind, drop in your funny questions which you would ask Mr. Kejriwal any given time.

By: Deepti Verma

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