You won’t find your penis anymore heavy and wrapped after having hands on the newly developed Hydrogel condoms.

Research is under progress in University of Woolongong in Australia to hatch a new generation condom which will deliver more comfort and ease in contrast to the cureently available latex condoms.

condoms Comfortable Skin Like Condoms To Come Soon

Dr Robert Gorkin, biomedical engineer and his team is whipping out with hydrogel, whose touch imparts the same sensation as a thin film of contact lens unlike the thick rubber-like latex condoms.

Hydrogel resembles properties as that of the latex condoms and contains mainly water. Soft and mushy hydrogel condoms will be more of like man-made skin, unlike the rubbery-gloves touch of latex condoms.

The research team was honoured By Bill and Melina Gates Foundation to venture this project.

Although the eggheads are yet to test and green signal this condom in the market, they claimed it to be same-priced as the latex ones.

hydrogel condom Comfortable Skin Like Condoms To Come Soon

Coming up with better versions of condoms is the common challenge to every scientist across the globe.

So feel lucky to feel as if you are wearing nothing at all.

By prerna Daga

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