Is it really new policy or a disguised saffron pill wrapped in a secular chocolate cover?

The draft policy on the New Education Policy of the ruling BJP Government is available on the MHRD website . Is it really new policy or a disguised saffron pill wrapped in a secular chocolate cover? One need not study the entire policy to know their intention.Just bite a little bit to know how it tastes.The Preamble provided in the site,here and there spells out their intention ,in clear terms.Let us take a close look.

new education policy Comments On The New Education Policy Draft

PREAMBLE:India has always accorded high importance to education.

COMMENTS: No.Was not ‘Education’ in India always restricted to  one particular caste who were less than 5% of the people?

PREAMBLE:The Education System which was evolved first in ancient India is known as the Vedic system.

COMMENTS:No.There was no ‘Education System’ in ancient India,as ‘learning’was not permitted to 95% of the people,thanks to the Caste System.It was egalitarian caste-less Tamils who had  developed advanced spiritual, literary and scientific treatises much before the Vedic times.

 PREAMBLE:The ultimate aim of education in ancient India was not knowledge, as preparation for life in this world or for life beyond, but for complete realization of the self.

COMMENTS:No.Ultimate aim of ‘Gurukul education’was to uphold ‘Sanatan Dharma’ ie.caste inequality and connected injustice in society.

PREAMBLE:The Gurukul system fostered a bond between the Guru & the Shishya and established a teacher centric system in which the pupil was subjected to a rigid discipline and was under certain obligations towards his/her teacher.

COMMENTS:Not at all.Available literature proves that ‘Guru ‘was totalitarian,casteist and devoid of character.One good example is found in  Karna’s story.

” Karna became interested in the art of warfare and approached Dronacharya, an established teacher who taught the Kuru princes. But he refused to take Karna as his student, since Karna was not a Kshatriya. Dronacharya insulted Karna for being a mere suta-putra, son of a charioteer and asked him to help his father in riding chariot instead of trying to learn warfare.

guru dronacharya Comments On The New Education Policy Draft

However, according to some versions of the tale, appreciating Karna’s boldness, Drona tells Adhiratha to call his son “Karna”.After being refused by Drona, Karna wanted to learn advanced skills of archery and hence he decided to learn from Parashurama, Drona’s own guru.

As Parshurama only taught to Brahmins, Karna appeared before him as a Brahmin because of the fear of rejection.Parashurama accepted him and trained him to such a point that he declared Karna to be equal to himself in the art of warfare and archery. On a day towards the end of his training, Karna happened to offer Parashurama his lap so his guru could rest his head and take a nap. But while Parashurama was asleep, a bee stung Karna’s thigh. Despite the pain, Karna did not move, so as not to disturb his guru.

In some versions, Lord Indra became afraid of the fighting prowess of Karna and he himself took the form of a bee and stung Karna’s thigh in order to benefit his son Arjuna. With blood oozing from his wound, Parashurama woke up at once deduced that Karna was not a Brahmin. Parashurama, who had sworn to teach Brahmins only, laid curse upon Karna that he would forget all the knowledge required to wield the divine weapon Brahmanda astra.”(Source:Wikipedia)


karna parshurama Comments On The New Education Policy Draft

What values did the ‘Gurus’ stand for?Refusing to teach a non-Brahmin,insulting Karna based on his birth,cursing Karna who was generously bearing the pain for the Guru…were the ‘noble’ values promoted!

PREAMBLE:The world’s first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC. The University of Nalanda, or the Nalanda Mahavira as it was known at the time, established in 4th century BCE, was one of the world’s first great universities in the world. In its heyday, in the 7th century AD, Nalanda University had some 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers.

COMMENTS:True.But the University is a Buddhist University.Buddhism emerged as a challenge to the Hinduism and its unjust social order.The earliest centres of group learning in India was in Tamil country.Tamil Cankam,a venue for scholarly discussions, was established much before this Buddhist set ups in 7th BCE.

PREAMBLE:The subjects taught at Nalanda University covered diverse fields of learning covering science, astronomy, medicine, and logic as diligently as they applied themselves to metaphysics, philosophy, Samkhya, Yoga-shastra, the Veda, and the scriptures of Buddhism and foreign philosophy.

Transcending ethnic and national boundaries, Nalanda University attracted pupils and scholars from China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Persia, Turkey and other parts of the world. Indian scholars like Charaka and Susruta, Aryabhata, Bhaskaracharya, Chanakya, Patanjali and Vatsayayna and numerous others made seminal contribution to the world knowledge in such diverse fields as mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medical science and surgery, fine arts, mechanical and production technology, civil engineering and architecture, shipbuilding and navigation, sports and games.

COMMENTS:Great Tamil works like Tirukural are not mentioned here .Tamils had developed advanced astronomy,mathematics,plant and animal sciences,much earlier.

There is a popular Tamil proverb’One piece of rice ,is enough to judge the taste of one full pot of cooked rice’

The prejudiced ‘Preamble’ hints on the likely taste of the dish to be cooked!Beware of the days to come !Let us be watchful and not get sucked into a saffron quicksand !


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