An agitated citizen writes to Commissioner of Police about what he faces when applying for a passport


apply Tatkal Passport in India To The Commissioner of Police

I had applied for a normal passport in Bangalore on the 25th of May 2015 PSK lalbagh as I could not get the commissioner’s signature in Annexure F hence had to go through a lot of hardship. I was told the commissioner has stopped signing the same (Previous Commissioner Mr Saleem)

As I know, Getting Annexure F is the right of people who know the higher officers personally? Or in times of emergency. Even after having all originals, why do officers not even try to see those documents and say no to make annexure F with the reason that they don’t know you personally. If this the expected thing then why Annexure F is being asked by PSKs??(Passport Seva Kendra) Only the officials at the passport office’s can answer this I guess? And if the act for the same cannot be implied then why have Annexure ‘F”?

Well after all that, I had to apply after telling my employer at Africa that am going in for a Normal passport process. Only after paying bribe’s and waiting for almost 20 days the status of my file is still at the commissioner’s office even after clearing police verification only because  our new Commissioner has yet to get his digital signature from New Delhi!

I would like to remind our commissioner, being a task master, as the Bengaluru traffic chief, had warned his own staff for not following rules. In a circular addressed to all senior police officers, DCPs of all divisions and the city police commissioner’s office, Mr. Dayanand had said that rules are meant for all, and must be followed by police too.  I wonder if he can help or at least make sure his documents are intact before checking other’s and make sure that citizens do not go through hardship and lose out on opportunities just because of the delay in getting a simple signature in this case?

Last but not the least, going by your message: Please feel free to give your suggestions to make “Mysuru” the true cultural capital of the state. I am hereby doing my bit and hope you will do the same.(This was the message you gave when you took charge of Mysuru)

On behalf of many of them and mine whose files are in a state of negligence?

Note: As a citizen I know I should have prepared and got my Passport well in advance but as a matter of fact I never wanted to leave Mysore and go to rest of India hence this delay

By Anthony Haslaunger Willi

Following are my details of file number and complaint filed. My next move will be to go for RTI hence kindly help me in getting justice or at least answers.

Service Request Detail

Applicant Name Anthony Haslaunger Willi
Date of Birth 24/08/1980
Current Address 4312/2 L12 1st Cross 3rd Main Thimmiah street gandhinagar Mysore Karnataka
Request Mode Online
FAX Number Not Provided
Mobile Number 8050405807
Application Reference Number Not Provided
File Number BN1068547967315
Service Request Number 1530289215
Category Police Related Issues
Sub-Category Complaint Against a Police Officer
Description My file has been stuck since last 10days simply because the digital signature of the police commissioner has not yet come from Dehli. Can somebody help, need my passport soon
Service Request Status Pending
Priority Normal
Priority Change Remark No action has been taken still Pending
Status Change Remark No action has been taken still Pending
Action Taken No action has been taken still Pending
Service Request Submission date 13/06/2015
Due Date 04/07/2015

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