Yes, the common man is taken for granted by the corrupt media, corrupt journalists, corrupt politicians and the corrupt Human Rights Activists.

My Dear Citizens…

Do you remember this line? From a famous Bollywood film…. A Wednesday ?

What Does the frustrated common man say to the commissioner?

Let me remind you of those famous lines from the same film which have become more relevant in today’s political context. Yes, the common man is taken for granted by the corrupt media, corrupt journalists, corrupt politicians and the corrupt Human Rights Activists.

netas smell opportunity Im Just A Common Stupid Man

Look at the JNU episode. The Professors of JNU are teaching their students …

Raise your voice against Modi government on Freedom for Kashmir. Because Kashmir was never a part of India and India has occupied Kashmir by Military force. This is not against PM Modi but against this country called “Bharat”

They are teaching students at JNU…


Raise your voice against so called Judicial killing of Afzal Guru and Yaqub Memon like convicted Terrorists. Because they were innocent, hanged by the Indian judiciary. It was judicial killing. They do not talk of innocent Indians killed by the Terrorists like Afzal Guru. By Yaqub Memon. By Ajmal Kasab. By Maqbul Bhat. They do not talk of terrorist like Hafeez Saeed and ISI of Pakistan waging war against India and attacking our Parliament House, the supreme symbol of our Electoral Democracy. They do not talk of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and 167 innocents killed . They do not talk of train blasts engineered and sponsored by ISI of Pakistan killing several innocent lives.

They do not raise their voice for the victims of terror attacks, but they are raising their voices for the Human Rights of the Terrorists like Afzal Guru and Yaqub Memon.

They are shamelessly Teaching JNU students.” India is an Imperialistic state”, says the JNU Prof Nivedita Menon on camera.


She further claims more than 40% of India is under Military Rule. How Manipur, Nagaland, Chatisgarh and Kashmir were never part of India, but by sheer force and might of Army power, ruled by India today? says Nivedita Menon. (Whose salary is paid by you and me)

Some professors of JNU are in political campaign to tarnish the image of India in the international world by propagating how Human Rights are violated by the Indian government.

And they are doing it openly, publicly and shamelessly, provoking the youth of this country against the state. From this very corrupt thinking, and teaching, students of the JNU are indulging in the act of sedition shouting slogans like “Bharat Teri Barbadi tak Jang Ladhenge Jang Ladenge”, Afzal Ham Sharminda Hai, Tere Kati Abhi tak Jindaa Hai.


“The slogans which were seen in the footage were anti-national, anti-constitutional, against the constitutional authorities, democratic government and against the integrity of the nation. And who stands in support for these anti national group? Leaders of Congress, CPI, CPM, AAP, BSP, JDU and Human Rights Groups.

Wake-Up India…. Wake -Up…. This is a Revolt against India.

jnu chaos 2016 Im Just A Common Stupid Man

Professors of JNU are fueling this revolution against India. Politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Sitaram Yechuri, A Raja are fueling this revolt against Indian state. Human Rights Activists, Paid journalists are fueling it with their orchestrated TV debates, write-ups on Social media and News reporting with political “spin”

mivedita menon Im Just A Common Stupid Man

The JNU Proffesors like Nivedita Menon…. and many more academicians who are standing in support of Anti India Revolt by students like Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhatacharya and many more are only fueling the so called “Freedom of Speech” movement against India and providing support to Afzal Guru and Yaqub Memon like Blood thirsty Terrorists. They are involved in the act of “Sedition” just like so called Human Right Activists Arundhati Roy who says, Kashmir was never part of India and works with Kashmiri Separatists.

The JNU Professors’ livelihood is funded by us. By you and me. Their salaries are paid from Tax payer’s money. The country pays for students’ education, hostels and food from tax payers money, and huge cost of running the JNU is funded by people of this country, not by the the professors like Nivedita Menon and students of JNU.

To them, this is a open message by an awakened citizen. A stupid common man.

What is he saying today….” Aam aadmi ki tarah jiyo, Aam aadmi ki tarah bardaash karo, Aur Aam aadmi ki tarah marro. Yeh Bus Hogaya… Abhi Burdaash Nahi Karenge”

And he is questioning …” Aapke ghar mein cockroach aata hai toh aap kya karte hai… Rathore Sahab? … Aap usko paalte nahi, maarte hai”

Today, he refuses to live on these terms…..”Koi maaxxxxxx button dabakar mere liye yeh faisla nahin karega … ki mujhe kab marna hai”.

This is the message today stupid Common Man wants to give  to Congressmen, Communists, Human Right Activists and paid journalists who are helping the enemy of this country to Revolt against Mother India. Do not try our patience.

rahul gandhi supports jnu Im Just A Common Stupid Man

What can You do ? We will keep killing you. And you damn can’t stop us.
They are asking us this question every time they bleed us  on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, repeated it on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday . I’m just replying it TODAY.


Watch this video to see the common man outrage with what is happening in the Indian politics Today . It has crossed all the limits. It has tried his patience to ultimate limits. You can not take this common man for Granted any more.

Corrupt and rogue politicians, JNU professors, paid journos, Human Right Activists:
We have had enough of YOU and your Political “Tamasha” where only I am getting killed. I refuse to die because of YOU for no fault of mine. You better take me seriously.

By Ajay Angre

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