Shahrukh Khan was unnecessarily roped in the religious conflicts that India is loaded with. His not-so controversial remark is deliberately being tampered.

It all started from Kalburgi’s demise and following it cropped up several sordid incidents like Dadri lynching, Gulam Ali concert ban, Shiv Sena’s black-ink throw and so on and since then, communal air couldn’t escape India’s atmosphere. To rebel the rising intolerance in India, umpteen no of writers and artists had returned the award, albeit all of it did nothing much but rather aggravated it more. Not a day passes when the wall of Twitter is not painted with the gloomy picture of religion.

Shahrukh Khan Communal Wave Did Not Spare Shahrukh Khan Too

Day before yesterday marked the 50th birthday, in other words, the day when all of the media’s attention was converged on Shahrukh, of the legend, Sharukh Khan. Without any saying, he was right before the media’s lens answering brazenly and openly to each and every question flung on him. Masquerading as an unauthentic face has never been a trait of Sharukh and by this law which he follows, he blurted out of the rising religious intolerance in India. And to enquire all the morons who are reproaching this comment of Sharukh, what immoral had he committed to get entitled as a ‘Pakistani Agent’?

The air around Sharukh has become too loathsome to be sniffed, since then. From Sadhvi Prachi’s tag for SRK as a ‘Pakistani Agent’ to BJP leader’s axiom,”his heart is in Pakistan”, slew of controversies against him slid into his post-birthday life.

Shahrukh Khan South Korea Honour 2 Communal Wave Did Not Spare Shahrukh Khan Too


Who has never let go a single chance to amaze us with his persona, be it his films or witty rebukes during his interview himself must be amazed with the reaction his simple comment has sparked off. He who has always put India before self, which I’m saying on the basis of most of his interviews, is being tarnished as a ‘Pakistani’ today. Not the celebrities can speak for the right in India. Not the celebrities can hang around with his girl-friend’s hand intertwined into his. Not the celebrities can do anything which an ordinary Indian can, without any reluctance, do. What sin have they done to be roped into controversies? Nothing, but grow up to become a celebrity. Huh??

 Communal Wave Did Not Spare Shahrukh Khan Too

Sad, but media and politicians trace every action of celebrities like a predator hungers for its prey, and on their failure to extract out something controversial of a celebrity’s life, what they do is to spice up any decent-looking comment and garner attention of public. Same is what Sharukh is juggling with. Poor he! But I’m sure, the witty mind of his will very soon stump out the political honchos, who are striving hard to soil his image.

By Prerna Daga

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