UPA-2 has been tainted by one scam after the other and the opposition party hasn’t lost any chance to cash in on the opportunity. But did NDA prove any better during its own tenure? Or are we at a loss of efficient, non-corrupt leaders?

‘People do amazing things to ensure their survival’. Seriously!

Congress led United Progressive Alliance completed 4years of its second stint in office on 22nd May. Indeed it must have been a turbulent ride for them, for the government was surrounded by controversies, scandals because of the deeds of its ministers, strong condemnation and repeated demands for the resignation of the Prime Minster from the Opposition.

But Congress is Congress! Self-praise, celebrations, tall claims of accomplishments in the last 9 years and anticipation of conquering the 2014 battle marked the ‘happy’ occasion.

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UPA-2’s report card (possibly accompanied with a countdown clock) primarily focused on its achievements and the good governance which the UPA provided to the citizens of this nation. Perhaps, introspection and an honest objective assessment would yield contrary results that UPA-2 has failed abysmally.

The 4 years of Congress’s rule was constantly ‘in news’ for- revelations on the series of humongous scams and deep-rooted corruption its ministers were involved in, misuse of power, Congress’s corrupt ‘netas’ whose pockets were being filled with currencies of corruption and the shameless support & cover up the top leaders of the party were providing its tainted ministers with.

The swiftness with which massive scams were being exposed one after another there seemed a high possibility that the UPA could come out with 366 scams in a year! Unsurprisingly the total ‘loot’ disclosed in one scam outnumbered the previous, so to say, every time the ministers, executive and others involved in these swindles looted the country more and more.

While the country is on the boil over corruption issues, anguished and fed up of scandals emerging one after another, this government (the voice of the people) has the audacity to celebrate its birthday!

On one hand we had the UPA preparing for its grand dinner at Prime Minister’s official residence and on the other, we had the majority party of the NDA tearing into Congress led UPA-2. By calling Congress’s rule in the last 4 years a complete ‘failure’, BJP warmed up for the sharp attack that was to follow in the joint Press Conference by leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. Criticizing UPA for its lackadaisical   performance the BJP duo stated that Congress have been so unsuccessful that they do not wish to delve into their entire nine-year regime.

Well BJP wasn’t doing something unusual, they only did what they are best at, performed the role of a responsible Opposition. They slammed the Manmohan Singh led government at the Centre for-foreign policy failure, inability to curb corruption, incompetence to improve economy, for showing ‘callous disregard’ for democratic institutions like CBI,CVC,NHRC, misusing establishments(CBI) for ensuring survival and support from allies, incapacity to provide safety and security to women, the fight for one-upmanship between the Congress party and government which is ruining the country’s interest and also for the failure to keep the coalition intact.

What good has the BJP done to this country that with a broad chest it so sharply attacked the ruling coalition? Think they have forgotten the good fortunes that dawned upon them when they were in power from 1999-2004. Let’s quickly recall. NDA’s regime was unable to prevent Akshardham, Raghunath Mandir, Parliament and Red Fort attacks.

Its ministers were no saints either. In a sting operation by Tehelka journalists pretending to be defense dealers, BJP president, Bangaru Laxman was captured accepting Rs 100, 000 in cash. In 2004 when UPA acquired the throne in Delhi, Bangaru Laxman and George Fernandes (the then Defense Minister) were forced to resign, but only to be reinstated 7 months later in the Vajpayee camp.

The list is everlasting and if Congress is to be even slightly believed,

NDA’s rule had scams worth Rs 45,000 crores.

Well BJP or Congress, none can be trusted now! The only thing evident is that the people of this country have been fooled way too much but are now aware of what goes on behind the scenes in the name of ‘India Shining’ and ‘Bharat Nirman’. Nevertheless people are still helpless to elect either one of these in the upcoming elections because sadly so our EVM’s do not have ‘reject all’ or ‘not eligible’ option!!

By Mugdha Kapoor

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Image Source : IANS

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