By refusing to get rid of old dynastic structures, Congress is digging it’s own grave into oblivion.

I am surprised, even the seniors who have spent their entire lives in Congress have taken to sycophancy and slavery. People usually adopt sycophancy when they are average and below average in their personal capabilities. They choose to adopt politics of convenience in personal and professional lives. That is what many Congressmen today are doing: their own interest in reviving Congress to its past glory is one thing and their own leadership capability is another.

congress dynastic politics Congress Digging its Own Grave

That is the case with Congress. Once upon, Congress had tall leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Radha Krishnan, Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Patel, Morarjee Desai, Narasimha Rao, who did not come from dynasty but on their own merits and competence. They are remembered as visionary leaders of great strengths.

But today, Congress does not have any leader with the exceptional caliber to lead the party. Today they have slaves and sycophants who know which side to butter the bread for their political survival. The one who was a statesman, Pranab Mukherjee was by political design very smartly removed from the party by Sonia Gandhi and her close self serving coterie to clear the path for Rahul Gandhi’s coronation so that the dynasty can survive and their loot of the country can go on unquestioned.

rahul gandhi Congress Digging its Own Grave

Congress has produced slaves and sycophants which are serving the dynasty in their own political interests and that is why unless there is major shake-up at the top, the dynasty is not going to be challenged and thrown out. Congress party’s days are numbered.

It is with its collective conscience digging its own grave.

By Ajay Angre

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Image Source: Rahul Gandhi Troll@Facebook, Rajdeep Chakraborty@Facebook

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