The faces of Congress are exposed in Augusta Westland scandal and it’s high time for Modi to act against these robbers who had been looting our country.

Congress demanded Modi to Act on Agusta Westland Corruption. Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the media said the same. Go ahead and sue us. That was a big blunder by congress.

Augusta Westland AW 101 Helicopter Congress Dug Its Own Grave

Now obviously nobody can accuse PM Modi or BJP of being politically vindictive.

Modi government not only is investigating Agusta Westland Scam but ordered other two Defense purchases smelling of corruption with fishy deals by UPA. Modi government has decided to reopen those cases for investigation too. And why Not??


Modi government is seen in action on all other suspicious defense deals. And why not when the opposition is demanding _??

All opposition leaders, and Senior Congress leaders like Ahemed Patel whose name appeared in the Italian High Court judgement, demanded that NDA ACTS  soon finds out who all received Bribes in Defense purchases of Agusta Westland. And further demanded, NDA better act fast in time bound manners to nab the corrupt officials and politicians.

Opposition unanimously demanded quick action.

bofors scam Congress Dug Its Own Grave

Even the people of India want quick and serious investigation into these corruptions where Indian politicians from the UPA have looted India all along their governance. So even the people of India are demanding, Modi Ji. Open even the BOFORS SCAM too where all the records are available who took the bribes, how much was it and how they were let off by the same UPA leadership during UPA Rule.

Let the nation come to know in Bofors scam, who got money.

We hear lot of noise on SCAMS, but never ever, they are taken to its logical conclusions and the criminals sent to jail. We, the common people often wonder, who is fooling the country and who is looting the country.

Every time, after a week or two, everything gets quiet. And we hear nothing about the corruption cases, criminals, convicts or the end results.

Till today, We know bribes were given in Bofors too, but who took the bribes ??? We still don’t know. We want to know that.

The Nation has this feeling of betrayal, all the time. We have this perception that, we are being fooled by the corrupt politicians. Because, till today nobody is sent to jail. Today, the congress which is an accused in this huge scam is demanding supreme court monitored CBI investigation…..

Take this opportunity to expose every corrupt politician, political family, government officials, bureaucrats, who are corrupt and looting our country.

sonia gandhi accused Congress Dug Its Own Grave

In Italy, High court convicted bribe givers in two years and sent them to jail. Why cant our government, our judiciary act fast and send the looters of this country behind bars???

We the people are watching. How fast present NDA government will catch the looters and send them to jail? Will NDA government, which is accused today for stalling the CBI investigation for two years, prove its zero tolerance to corruption ??

Will Modi government prove its promise of corruption free governance? The time has come for Modi government’ to prove its commitment to people who voted him to power….

ना खाऊंगा …. ना खाने दूंगा …. Modi ji, prove it to your opponents, to people, who are fed up and feeling disgusted with the scams, frauds and the loot by the political leaders. Prove it to the nation it was not a “Jumala” and you meant it then when you said it, and you are still seriously committed to the same.

By Ajay Angre

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