The political atmosphere in India and particularly at the Centre has had a vociferous momentum since a month and now it’s being asked that is whether it Congress for AAP, BJP for Anna?

The political atmosphere in India and particularly at the Centre has had a vociferous momentum since a month. The atmosphere surcharged even more when social activist and Team Anna member Kiran Bedi declared open support to BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Is it Congress for AAP, BJP for Anna?

Arvind Kejriwal Congress For AAP, BJP For Anna?   Readers Voice

Kiran Bedi, arrived to give a lecture at IIT-Madras, in an instance, openly declared her support for Modi. Can it be a possibility that team Anna is edging towards BJP? Since the Delhi assembly elections BJP is blinded of the AAP phenomenon. The more it tries to brush aside the irony of sitting in opposition, despite getting the largest mandate in Delhi, its desperation to nullify somehow the AAP effect, debunks all claims.

The possibility that BJP wants Anna and his team members by its side to quash a scenario where Congress and AAP together form a government at the Center cannot be denied. BJP is certainly making desperate attempts after assessing the AAP threat.

Last December, Congress giving outside support to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Arvind Kejriwal accepting it, came as a rude shock, especially to BJP. The party then barracked this alliance stating that AAP has flouted from what it promised its vote bank. It formed a government with the support of a political party it was standing against few months ago. The party also raised direct questions on the intent of the Congress party. Emergence of AAP testifies that change is constant in political world.

Kiran Bedi Congress For AAP, BJP For Anna?   Readers Voice

While Congress sensed the current mood and accepted the electoral mandate, BJP, which hoped to come to power in Delhi after 15 years, cannot digest the rise of a new opponent. Kiran Bedi’s comment has come as a blessing for BJP to invite openly Kiran to the party and get support from Team Anna as a whole. BJP has welcomed her statement and offered her a chance to fight elections for BJP from Delhi.

Team Anna and their movement too lost momentum after Arvind Kejriwal and his supporters separated themselves from the movement to form a political party. Even though Anna Hazare has not been open about his political affiliation, BJP would definitely want him by his side considering his popularity over the last two years.

Recently, Arun Jaitley cautioned his party that it is high time it thought of big ideas to eclipse the new party or it may lose the benefit of being the front-runner. AAP fear is for sure looming large on BJP’s mind.

By Anamika Kapoor

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