Congress doesn’t let go not even a single opportunity to splash muck on Modi. But unfortunately the delusion of Congress doesn’t last longer,

The eyes of Congress, seemingly, are more engaged in scrutinizing BJP than their own party. Perhaps, these hard-nosed morons might have recruited one who exclusively stays vigilant upon the every footfall of Modi.

One dog barks and the rest, by instinct, tag along. Same scenario cropped up when one of the foxy Congress spokesperson rebuked Modi for being disrespectful towards the tricolour by autographing on it. And then who could have doused this Congress-lit fire which augmented no less like a forest-fire. Twitter tweeted aloud, #ModiDisrespectsTricolor, standing out as one of the trending trends. What other better narcotic than this hash-tag could have induced a better sleep to Rahul Gandhi!



rahul gandhi india cartoon1 Why Does Congress Love To Bark on Modi?

But rightly framed is this proverb,” every dog has its day”. May be, 25th Sept was the rejoicing mirage for the Congress but 26th ball was in Modi’s court. As the misconception surfaced itself out, the truth got itself naked and shut Congress’ face.

congress party Why Does Congress Love To Bark on Modi?

The peerless slap in the face of Congress’ face was when it was revealed that it was not a flag but a memento crafted by an apt child of Smile India Foundation to be presented to Obama by the chef Vikas khanna.  Press Information Bureau director general (media and communication) Frank Noronha clarified that the “memento signed by PM Modi did not have the Ashok Chakra on it or the ‘white’ colour band on it”. “NarendraModi’s gesture is a mark of #appreciation & aimed at encouraging the child with unique abilities,” Noronha said in a series of tweets.

modi sonia Why Does Congress Love To Bark on Modi?

Congress, stop your frivolous attempts to taint the image of Modi and fix up your murky image etched in the minds of India since 49 years. For ‘kuch daag kabhi nai saaf hote hai’.

By Prerna Daga

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