Social advertisements by the Congress are a major scam being perpetrated on the people of India

This gets even better. This is further to my first post on Congress Party’s Advertisements.

 Congress Partys Advertisements on TV and Radio

It is becoming apparent that this a major scam / a major fraud being perpetrated on the people of India. The Rajiv Awas Yojana is just the tip of the iceberg – There is in fact a whole department – the Directorate of Audio and Visual Publicity in-charge of creating these advertisements. And whether or not programmes actually get implemented , there is probably an advertisement for it. The scheme starts with an advertisement – or will someone say I am naive – in fact the scheme is just that – it’s only an advertisement.

At the end of the above advertisement – a guy says “apke hath mein hain” – giving a clear call to the viewer to vote for the Congress or else! No wonder all of them are called Rahul this or Sonia that. I have nothing against them as such. In fact I suddenly have a feeling of admiration for them – they must be some of the smartest minds in the country today. They have managed to use tax-payer money to further their own causes and build their PR. Its better than Louis Vuitton – their bags are basically their logo – you pay Louis Vuitton to do their PR.

Here they sell you a dream (say a house for free), make you (the voter) pay for the advertisements from your taxes and then force you to vote for them as well (or else !) – brilliant – could Vadra (the alchemist) be behind this or Kapil Sibal (the vanquisher of the Anna Hazare movement).

It is said that Modi has paid APCO Rs 500 crores for his public relations – I suddenly feel sorry for him – only 500 crores. Schemes such as MNREGA, Food schemes, Housing schemes would add up to more than thousands of crores. How does anyone compete against that (against that much spend in advertisements – assuming that the entire allocation of these schemes gets used up in advertisements).

I feel even worse for the Aam Aadmi party – they spent 20 crores on the Delhi election and are aiming to spend a hundred or so for national elections – thats a pittance – they dont stand a chance against this volley of advertisements that offer you free housing, free food, no work, free vacation,  free dating (okay, okay a bit of a stretch here) – but why not – they are trying to attract the youth after all. If I were to guess it would probably be called “Rahul Gandhi Gramin Youth Milap Scheme”.

I was stymied when the woman’s bank scheme was announced – Is it a bank only for women ? – Will I be beaten up if I went there to cash a cheque ? Now I understand and feel stupid at my shallow thinking – these were part of the advertising budget being created. These schemes would exist in “advertisement” only – brilliant. 

How do you compete with this sort of chicanery ? Tough battle Mr. Modi – it going to be tough !! At this point I am betting on a Congress based alliance coming to power.

By Indrajit Chatterjee

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P.S. For those not in the know advertisements created by the Directorate of Audio and Visual Publicity exist for : Immunization, Janani Suraksha Yojana, MGNREGA, Minority, Sakshar Bharat, Empowerment of Scheduled Castes, Drinking Water, Right to Education, Mid-Day Meal, Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidutikaran Yojna, integrated Child Development Scheme, Indira Awaas yojana, LPG, DPL, PM Gram Sadak Yojna, MDM, Polio, Right to Education, Welfare, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, National Rural Health Mission, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Tribal, Connecting Rural India To Opportunities Through A Phone, Unorganized Work, RTI, Tribal, Chandrayan, Transport, NRHM, Disabled, Electricity, Pension, Polio …

The list probably goes on and on and on ….


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