Congress has been hellbent to denounce Modi. The Gandhi family strove hard to play vote bank politics and not let him win by roping him in Ishrat Jahan case

I am now convinced after the Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter Exposure.

ishrat jahan Who Was Responsible For The Political Assassination Of Narendra Modi??

Isharat Fake Encounter Scam orchestrated with the planned motive to nail Narendra Modi by Congress and all the Human Rights Activists hired by corrupt Congress who were sadistically enjoying the politically motivated propaganda with their corrupt media friends in TV Debates for as long as 10 long years to fix Narendra Modi before National Elections are total frauds.

I am convinced Now that they are more than NGOs and HRA, they operate as political lobbies as and when their services are required by political parties and foreign Agencies funding them.

I am shocked to watch the way Human Rights Activists are still trying to defend their earlier fake positions saying their concern is more about the Human Rights violations by the then Gujarat Police, CM of Gujarat and Home minister of that state. Even after it is now clear from the Government official records sought through RTI query by TIMES NOW Reporter, the then UPA Home Minister P. Chidambaram actually wrote the fabricated story about the ” Innocence” of Ishrat Jehan as Fake Encounter. They also call it a Murder by the Gujarat State leadership that is former CM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah.

Modi shah Who Was Responsible For The Political Assassination Of Narendra Modi??

But what evidence all of them had to claim that she was innocent?? The then CBI and IB Reports.

Every one of these Sold Human Rights Activists is hell bent to prove that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah killed an innocent civilian, a young college going girl. And all the political opponents of Modi took the clue to build their National Election Campaign around it to prove Modi is a killer of an innocent girl called Ishrat Jehan and it only proves how much he hates Muslim community.

This was their Vote Bank Politics which the voters rejected and gave their verdict in favor of Narendra Modi with their huge mandate to lead India. They failed to prove all their allegations against Narendra Modi  because all their charges were politically motivated, lies, and false.

muslim votes bukhara pm modi anti india invite Who Was Responsible For The Political Assassination Of Narendra Modi??

But none of them ever applied for the RTI query from the government records on the Ishrat case to find out where the actual truth lies?? Because all of them were hired by Congress to carry out a vicious political propaganda against Modi with the help of their corrupt paid media friends, so that before National elections he can be fixed politically and eliminated from the electoral race the Prince of Gandhi family was facing.

None of these paid Congress agents ever thought of getting down to the bottom of the truth before taking up their positions?? Why?? What were the compulsions?? Were their political motives and compulsions were to spread the “Lies” to “FIX” Narendra Modi?? Of course, it was clear, this political lobby of so called Human Rights Activists were working with the Congress High Command to help camouflage the truth about Ishrat Jahan. All of them like John Dayal, Tushar Gandhi, Vrinda Grover, Kavitha Krishnamurthy, Medha Patkar and many others who were involved in misleading the people of India at large with the “Political Lie”  were constantly trying to hammer the message to people with their false convictions just because they were hired to spread the political lies.
Can you call them human rights activists who do not even bother for a minute to think? With their propaganda and innocent person, is Narendra Modi going to be politically assassinated ??

The serious charges all of them were making in the TV Debates with their convictions ignoring the truth too is a very serious crime of abetting for falsely framing an innocent for political motives who was mentally tortured day and night and all of them, the so-called Human Right Activists were, directly and indirectly, involved in sending an innocent person to gallows.

How in this political case, the Human Rights of an innocent person is protected by John Dayal, Tushar Gandhi, Vrinda Grover, Kavitha Krishnamurthy and like other Human Rights Activists??

They were all trying to prove without any knowledge and just went by some false fabricated reports prepared by the then Home ministry with political motives which are now being exposed to these so called activists who were blind, taking the fabricated reports against an innocent person?? Today, after the truth is exposed of the Congress manufactured Ishrat Fake Encounter Political Scam, these Activists are trading cautiously and saying she might have been a terrorist but police had no rights to kill an innocent person till proven guilty. What a foolish, irrational baseless logic !


Let the policemen get killed by the criminals but the criminals or terrorists should not be killed. They also mean we care a damn for the human rights of the Cops and all those getting killed or maimed or disabled in terror attacks. That is how these Human Rights Activists Think.

kumar ketkar Who Was Responsible For The Political Assassination Of Narendra Modi??


I was shocked to listen to some of the pseudo-intellectuals of this country like Senior Journalist Kumar Ketkar saying I don’t trust IB, CBI or any intelligence agency of this country. I am convinced, Ishrat was an innocent victim killed by the Gujarat Police. Is this man a Senior journalist ?? Or a Paid Journalist?? Even Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi who stood always by the Truth and only Truth says she was an innocent killed in the fake encounter ?? On what basis? One can always say I can not comment because I was not IB or CBI or Part of police investigation exercise. That is acceptable, but today the Human Rights Activists are passing judgements on any alleged accused before even the judiciary convicts the accused.

On what basis he or any Human right Activist can make any statement on Ishrat Jehan when they are not a part of intelligence agencies or police investigations ?? And when they are cornered with their false positioning, then they take an easy escape route saying, it is for the court to decide and it is acceptable to us.

Then dear human right activists…..

Why do you open your mouths where you have no business?? And surprisingly you change your positions swiftly when 2002 Gujarat riots or Dadri killing is debated.

Then you quickly change your political positioning and say….Of course… It is very clear, Narendra Modi was the mastermind behind killings of the Muslims in 2002 Gujrat riots…. fascist Narendra Modi and hardcore Hindutvawadi RSS was responsible for Dadri mob lynching.

godhra riots modi Who Was Responsible For The Political Assassination Of Narendra Modi??

Why this hypocrisy?? Why double standards?

And when you are questioned about Malda and Purnia communal Riots where the fanatics and extremists of the Muslim community targetted Hindus…. Don’t you see Human Rights Violations ? But You choose to keep quiet. When you are questioned about the rights of Kashmiri Pandits living as Refugees in their own country…. You don’t want to fight for their Human Rights . Again You choose to keep quiet.

PROTEST kashmiri Who Was Responsible For The Political Assassination Of Narendra Modi??

When You are questioned about 1984 Sikh Riots when innocent Sikh men, women, and Children were burnt alive, brutally killed by Congressmen and their sponsored Goons… You do not want to fight for their Rights. Isn’t it because Congress was involved in 1984 Delhi Riots??

Then who are YOU really fighting for??? Where your political agenda is served? Where you get hired for the set political targets like Narendra Modi, BJP, RSS ??
Who really are you fighting for?

And how is that, you do not do your homework? Get correct information through RTI queries ? Do your own investigations impartially when you take up the issues, especially when the issues are politically charged and motivated and driven with the political objectives serving political agendas???

Time has come to expose all these so called fake human right activists.

Who are they working for ???

Which political parties??? Who is hiring them ??And why are they funded by the foreign agencies?? And by unknown entities in millions of dollars which these so called human right activists do not like to disclose??

Wake-up India..You are under attack not from the outsiders but from the insiders who are like snakes in the grass. You cant see them really. But they are poisonous snakes and dangerous.

You better watch your back.

By Ajay Angre

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