Congress Hatches Plot To Usurp Power!!!

Congress Hatches Plot to Usurp Power From Modi. This conspiracy theory is doing the rounds in Lutyens Delhi.


  1. Congress is working on a grand plan that will hugely embarrass Modi government. Media, and some old loyalists still in government, are part of it.
  2. The plan is to invent an Indian ‘Edward Snowden‘ who will claim that the Modi Government is working on a plan for a nuclear war with Pakistan.
  3. Not only a nuclear war with Pakistan, this ‘Snowden’ will claim much bigger things. Such as a plan for genocide of Muslims and Christians.indian snowden SINISTER PLOT TO GRAB POWER
  4. The plan is to create so much International pressure so that the Modi government is unable to focus on domestic issues and implementation of plans.
  5. The blueprint of the plan is all ready, but they are finding it difficult to bring a fake ‘Snowden’ out in open. Too risky.
  6. The goal of the plan is to create unrest in India, and securing a mid-term poll, where they believe that BJP will fail to get majority.
  7. This is the most sinister plan worked or hatched in the history of India. Biggest test of Modi government is to checkmate it. They know it.
  8. The media reports questioning official version of the Pakistani boat fire could be the test run of this plot to check the response.terror boat blast1 SINISTER PLOT TO GRAB POWER
  9. Once they are sure that reports painting the government as liar and attacker are getting popular, this fake Snowden will be presented to the world.


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