Is our society progressing like our economy? Our social ideology – Did it change with the change in times? Read a voice against conservative social ideology

We Indians are progressing today rapidly in every sector of economy but when it comes to our society, is every section of society progressing? The way we are concerned about the speed of progress, don’t you think we should also be concerned about the volume with we progress.

The much we are benefited by this progress, it has harmed us the same. Our ideology and our law says hundred guilty can be exempted but not a single innocent should be punished. But truly is it followed by us? May be at some places or in papers but if we go and look into the society many under developed and poors are punished and its not their mistake actually.

“Ignorance of law is no excuse” 

But what about them who are ignored of moral principles? Law doesn’t bother about such ignorance but this ignorance is giving rise to so many evils today and the badly sufferers of this ignorance is women, especially in rural areas.

Conservative social ideology Conservative Social Ideology: Whose Mistake It Is?   Readers Voice

An academically brilliant girl who lives in a small village wants to fly with the wings of higher education. But what  can we say if the narrow mentality of her family or the girl was vagabond that her wings were shattered.

 Her family then beats her up badly and do not allow her to go for higher studies just because of the rumours of having an affair with her classmate? No one knows the truth of rumours except both of them. But, here who will reveal the truth? As the court of parents does not have “Audi Alteram Partem.” They will just pronounce their verdict and here it will definitely not be in favour of the poor girl.

But she is not ready to accept this conservative social ideology, since her dream is to fly, and not to be trapped in a cage of household and family restrictions. The girl whose voice was not even heard by her neighbours, who never sat outside with her friends, suddenly transforms herself and raises her voice against her parents. Strange, she calls police and then they convince her family to send her for higher education.

girls education Conservative Social Ideology: Whose Mistake It Is?   Readers Voice

This makes her family to face defamation and ill treatment by people. And for the girl who actually did something appreciable and showed her courage to study which is not easy for her is called a vagabond by people.

The question arises – Whose mistake it is?

The girl, who has done something very embarrassing for her parents and thus she deserves the punishment of being imprisoned in the cage of restrictions.

Or, the family who should let their daughter to study and feel proud on her brilliancy and should trust on their daughter instead of rumours.

Or, is the real mistake is on the part of society who created such  circumstances for both the generations that they went against each other to such an extent to whom they can not even think to harm in dreams?

The conflicts of ancient and modern thoughts and culture is giving rise to such things which are  creating a gulf between the generations. 

By: Paridhi Agar

Image Source: Social Evils, Girls Education

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