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So I was at this bourgeois party (again!) and found myself sitting again at the designated aunties station. Despite the free flow of snacks and drinks (ahem) which always cheers me up, I found myself being caught in a make-up debate again. Apparently some aunty looked particularly fresh today and the other aunties blamed it on a combination of Botox,new husband and witchcraft. Aside from wondering about my future as a saas-bahu discussing sad cat lady #indianbtminamreeka, I found myself wondering what is real kick ass makeup? What distinguishes daily amateur makeup from the stuff of the stars??

And I got my answer

My lord, may I present my evidence:
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contour1 Contouring   Why Is It Necessary

It’s a bird

It’s a plane
Hell no


So basically contouring as the name suggests, is creating the illusion of a strategic facial contour which

1) Creates an illusion of razor sharp cheekbones

2) Imparts a rosy flush to your cheeks

3) Adds a dewy glow to your skin

The key to contouring is using 3 shades of color

1) The Bronzer

2) The Blush

3) The Highlighter

To add dimension to your cheek and give you a younger, fresher (and slimmer) looking face like Aunty No 1(Bandhikamariya se sari)

How did you get this look already?

Read on, milady


Now girl, name pe mat jao apni akal lagao. Though bronzer sounds like shimmer the key to excellent contour is a mattebronzer. This will basically similar to a foundation powder/cream but 3 shades darker than your skin tone.

make up balm Contouring   Why Is It Necessary


I know it’s almost blasphemy to ask an Indian girl to put darker foundation on her face #getthatthingawayfromme

I would advise you to use it only to enhance your cheekbones if not feeling too adventurous (like Esha Deol from the 1st dhoom) . Using it on your forehead is something that can be left out especially for daily use.

TECHNIQUE: Suck your cheeks in , apply above the line created starting from the hairline. So that the darkest shadows fall closer to your hair, like light would hit it.  Don’t forget to blend!

CHEAT: The secret is in the brush. This becomes super easy using NARS ITA brush or similar flat brushes as these create a perfect line each time.

nars ita kabuki brush Contouring   Why Is It Necessary

This is what it should look like when done:

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Cream blush, powder blush, gel blush, dual phase blush, whatever you pick, Blush is the prettiest thing on a girl’s face (if done right!) . This is to be put above your bronzer to balance the harshness and add a pretty flush to your cheeks.

contouring powder Contouring   Why Is It Necessary


TECHNIQUE: For a natural look, use a fluffy powder brush and apply in your blush 1 cm above your bronzer line and blend out the gap. For a winter flushed look, add a dash of color (subtly!) to the center of your cheeks with a bouncy blush or a basic cream blush in a warmer color tone of your contour blush.

CHEAT: The fan brush. Makes applying blush easy-peasy.

152806160 Soft Hair Fan Blush Brush s Contouring   Why Is It Necessary



The highlighter is supposed to represent the highest point of your cheekbone. The secret to contour is that the highest appearing parts are supposed to be the lightest. The highlighter can be a number of things it can be shimmer for the night or just a really light shade of powder foundation for a day contour.

make up Contouring   Why Is It Necessary
TECHNIQUE: The highlighter can be applied on your brow bone ( to create the illusion of high arch brows), the nasal bridge(for a slimmer nose), the top of your cupid’s bow (for fuller lips). For basic contour, just add a flush above your blush (I’m a poet and didn’t even know it). Go crazy girl!

tumblr inline mnxk1o95zr1qz4rgp Contouring   Why Is It Necessary

CHEAT: The highlighter brush should be round, small and super soft to be extremely blendable.

contouring brush Contouring   Why Is It Necessary


So girls.. the formula has been decoded.

This real easy to contour, just keep practicing. Do let me know how this works out ! Till the next ! XOXO

By: Bhavna Sharma

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