We completely reject the matters asserted in a previous article published at IndiaOpines

To:  The Manager

I note that you do offer the opportunity to publish an opinion contrary to an opinion published on your website. 

On behalf of Monash University and Professors David Copolov and John Funder, I request that the following contrary opinion be published in your publication.

“I refer to the article with the title “Serious Oppression of an Indian Medic by an Australian University” posted to your website.  Monash University and the two academics referred to in the article completely reject the matters asserted in this article and consider them to be a malicious attack on their reputation by an author presenting as Sunil Srivastava but in fact not being a person of that name.” I would be grateful if you could confirm when you have published this contrary opinion.

Yours Sincerely


General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
Monash University
Chancellery Building (3A), 27 Chancellors Walk
Wellington Road
Clayton VIC 3800
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