Azam Khan is a man of sheer disgrace to the image of our country. He had and continues to play with his foul words.

The Samajwadi Party member, Azam Khan, is both an MLA of Rampur Assembly Constituency and Cabinet Minister in the government of Uttar Pradesh. But, this man is famed for his ill-fame and you all know why. If not, the remaining half of the article would serve you the needful.

azam khan Controversies Rest On The Tip Of Azam Khan’s Tongue

Much to my agony, I’ve been seeing this man a perpetual MLA since last eight years. One whose foul words to our ears are more awful than the dirty cerumen (ear-wax) accumulated within our ears. That sour are his words. Imagine! And yet nothing could dethrone him from his MLA post. I simply despise this ugliness my beautiful India is tainted with.

Come, let’s take a tour around Azam’s loathsome word-kingdom.

It was August 28 2012, when Khan was engaged in a meeting. It was during this meeting when an IAS officer bore the injurious words of Azam Khan. Khan, being a holder of respectable designation, didn’t cringe once even to have lashed at him with “Bakwas karte ho…chup baithiye…badtameez kaheen ke”. Do such words behove a minister?

Akhilesh Yadav Mulayam Singh Azam Khan1 Controversies Rest On The Tip Of Azam Khan’s Tongue

Never can we release the horrendous memories of Muzaffarnagar riot and the intensity of the shakes is same every time we come across it, even if unintentionally. Even during this woeful time, Azam did not spare an opportune chance to cuss out at Modi calling him an elder brother of a dog’s son. His abhorrence towards Modi was explicit once again when he bashed out insuting words at Modi calling him a man who couldn’t stay united with his wife and daydreams to live with the country. 

And once again, this man becomes a magnet of hatred. In fact, this time, he transgressed all his limits I could have imagined. Calling a rape-victim’s complaint against the rapist a plan to garner fame is just too bitter to swallow. Although, rape victims in India always encounter a more shitty treatment than a rug does, Azam Khan’s hostility towards victims shouldn’t actually awe us, for politicians have always blown the whistle against the victims and not convicts.

Azam Khan is a man of disgrace to our country. His controversial speeches are too many to narrate in this article. And good grief, who even wants to paint such ugly paintings of his persona?

And I know, this ghastly tongue of his will keep wagging.

By Prerna Daga

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