The door to corporate, clairvoyantly, is a door to hell where a human transforms into a puppet with no fun left for self.

Fragility of your fingers does not kiss a goodbye even when your hands welcome a pencil. Right from that delicate phase, you head for the journey which you expect to end with a ‘job’. From your childhood to adulthood, your thoughts-laden mind perpetually keeps one thought cornered, a job of eight-digit salary. But it is only after you enter when you recognize the fallacy of these eight digits. You buy this eight digit salary at the cost your dreams, those dreams which you have been living for.

corporate is hellish When Corporate Takes Toll On Your Life




Life only means inhale-exhale

The tyranny of corporate world has no escape until you make a choice to quit. Your heart contents to quit even, but your mind prefers being greedy. No matter how much ever frustration touches your life, no matter even if you have to perform a lot more than that you were expected to when hired, no matter politics around seize the peace of your mind, you like a half-dead continues to work just because of those alluring notes coming to you every month.  In the end, you forget to live and unconsciously breathe.

And you feel like rekindling your dreams

You lastly instruct your mind to no more fool your heart. Dreams which you sacrificed once for the enamoured desire to be a part of illusionary corporate spring up. It is then when you finally summon the will to follow your heart, your true dreams, something much above the money.

pursue your dreams When Corporate Takes Toll On Your Life



A few names who chose dreams over corporate

King in the world of books, Chetan Bhagat belonged to two most sought-after institutes, IIM-A and IIT Delhi to end up getting a director post in Deutsche Bank. But the director-post could not keep the author within him caged. He had to fly and he did to become what he is today. Rashmi Banasal, another IIM A passed out, who preferred quittance from The Times group to emerge as an author. A social entrepreneur, Vijay Mahajan, passed out from IIT Delhi and IIM A, mustered enough courage to act good which usually people think of but fall flat to do. He formed BASIX to offer sustainable employment to poor and women. Many such dream-livers exist in the pages of Indian History to inspire the present.

chetan bhagat1 When Corporate Takes Toll On Your Life





Squeeze out the zeal from your life before it’s too late. Speed up! catch your dreams.

By Prerna Daga

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