There has been a wave of protest rising against Corruption in the country. What waits to be seen is how this affects the upcoming elections.

The anti-corruption wave has been building up momentum for quite some years. People are simply fed up with their representatives in the government indulging in corruptions of all proportions that adversely impact our lives, and showing no accountability whatsoever.

In the current Indian context prices, education, jobs, healthcare etc all seem linked to corruption of one kind or the other. Price of Idli plate has tripled in four years, college seats sell for tens of lakhs if not crores, bribes to get into public sector jobs, pathetic situation in public healthcare… all this while politicians and their connections benefit from public resources.
corruption 300x300 It is the Corruption, Stupid!ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We, the people, will support whoever takes up the challenge to decimate this beast … it was Anna’s team some time ago, it is AAP now, it may be someone else in the coming years. When political strategists try hard to push this issue under the rug, they are only demonstrating their stupidity! Please, don’t throw economics mumbo-jumbo at us … we experience the laws of supply and demand in our daily lives, and we know price-fixing and market manipulation when we see it in action! While we appreciate better roads, more public transportation, nicer airports, don’t think that we are stupid enough to play along with the beast that is leeching life out of us!

By Tarak Goradia

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Image Source:India Against Corruption@facebook


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