Come, let’s have a look into the profile of tainted cabinet ministers in UPA regime who have serious allegations of corruption against them…

The revelation of the three names in the Black Money Holder list by the Government of India and the resultant hype that it has generated have grabbed the attention of the media and people alike. In a recent TV interview for a private news channel Mr. Arun Jaitley has hinted at the possibility of the presence of some Congress Politicians names in the full list of foreign account holders.

corrupt politicians 1373617002 540x540 The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

The UPA’s nine years of rule has seen several corruption scams and the UPA government has been perceived as the most corrupt government in the history of independent India.

Here we will look into the profile of some the cabinet ministers in UPA regime who have serious allegations of corruption against them.

Andimuthu Raja ~ Infamous For 2G Spectrum Scam


The former Minister for Communication and Information Technology infamous for his alleged involvement in the 2G Spectrum Scam, hails from Perumbalur district in Tamil Nadu. A Science and a Law graduate, he started his political career as a student leader and quickly rose in the party ranks of DMK. Raja was the Minister for Environment was given the Ministry for communication and Information Technology after the resignation of Dayanidhi Maran following the Dinakaran Attack Case.

a raja ted minister The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations 

It was during his tenure that the 2G Spectrum scam was unearthed. The CBI alleges that Raja was instrumental in the sale of telecommunication bandwidths to selective organizations at a reduced price.

It is suspected that he got huge kickbacks from these companies in return for undercharging the frequency allocation licenses. The CBI estimates that Raja could have got as much as Rs 30 billion from these kickbacks. The Scam had cost the country Rs 1766.45 billion. Raja has been accused of procedural lapses and of authorizing majority of the questionable allocations.

A Raja corruption tainted minister 2g spectrum scam The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

There is also allegations that he has diverted his ill gotten wealth to real estate firms owned by his friend Sadiq Batcha, where his wife was the director. One such firm called Equaas Estates Pvt ltd had a turnover of 755 crores in just two years.

His conduct as the Environmental Minister is also under the scanner. The CBI alleges that Raja as the minister for environment has illegally cleared projects associated with hazardous wastes and putting his close associates into the expert appraisals committee (EAC), which is responsible for awarding environmental clearances.

Dayanidhi Maran ~ Infamous For the Aircel – Maxis Scam


The great-nephew of Karunanidhi, Dayanidhi Maran was born into a political family with his father being a former Minister of Commerce. Dayanidhi Maran along with his elder brother Kalanidhi Maran owns big media and entertainment businesses in the South. He is a prominent member of the DMK and has been Minister for Communication and Information Technology and Minister for Textiles in the UPA Government.

dayanidhi maran corruption 2g spectrum The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations

He is being investigated for his alleged involvement in the 2G Spectrum case along with A.Raja and Kanimozhi. Apart from the 2G Spectrum scam he is also accused of using his influence and power as the then Minister for Communication and Information Technology to coerce Chennai-based telecom promoter C. Sivasankaran to sell his stake in Aircel to the Maxis Group, a Malaysian firm. It is alleged that Dayanidhi Maran got huge kickbacks from Maxis communications.

dayanidhi aircel maxis scam The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

P. Chidambaram ~ Infamous For His Involvement in 2G Spectrum Scam along with other Scams


P.Chidambaram is one of the most senior Congress Leaders and was a very important member of the UPA government. A law graduate and Harvard alumni Chidambaram was the Finance Minister in the UPA regime and was also allotted the Home Ministry. In his younger days he has been the President of Tamil Nadu Youth Congress and later went on to become the general secretary of the Tamil Nadu Pradesh Congress Committee unit.

p chidambaram corruption The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations 

P. Chidambaram has been termed as ‘the most corrupt politician’ by people like BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and reputed lawyer Ram Jethmalani. There remain serious questions on his role in the 2G Spectrum case.

There are allegations that Chidambaram was responsible for the under-pricing of the spectrums. In 2012 Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal accused Chidambaram on multiple corruption charges. Charges varying from low pricing of 2G spectrum to allowing the sale of equity by Swan and Unitech , who have greatly increased their value through buying spectrum allocations at a very low price and later engaged in merger and acquisitions without paying the government a premium for the increased value due to the spectrum allocations. There remain serious questions on the conduct of the finance minister in granting the FIPB approval in the Aircel-Maxis deal.

p chidambaram scam upa The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

 The CBI is currently investigating the role of Chidambaram in allowing foreign investment by a Mauritius-based company in the Aircel-Maxis deal. There are further claims against Chidambaram regarding the Hutch-Vodafone FIPB approval. If all the allegations are proved to be true then it may make Chidambaram ‘the most Corrupt’ politician indeed.

Veerappa Moily ~ Infamous For Approving Ecologically Destructive Projects


Veerappa Moily hails from Dakshina Karnataka district of Karnataka.He was the first Tuluva Chief Minister of Karnataka. Currently he is the All India Congress Committee General Secretary in charge of Andhra Pradesh. The former Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas , Minister of Corporate Affairs and Minister of Power, Moily also served as the Minister of Environment.

veerappa moily corruption minister upa The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations

It was during his tenure as the Environment minister that there were allegations of malpractice against him. It was alleged by environmental protection organizations like the Greenpeace that Moily approved many ecologically destructive projects and industries in ecologically sensitive areas. 

It is claimed by the Greenpeace that Moily cleared 70 projects in a span of three weeks. Some have claimed that such hurry in clearing projects involving polluting industries in forest and protected areas points to the ministry’s inclination towards crony capitalism.

green peace moily corruption The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Arvind Kejriwal had accused Mr. Veerappa Moily of corruption and abetment in the alleged irregularities in the pricing of natural gas from K G Basin. An FIR was filed against Veerappa Moily by the then Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal in this regard.

Kapil Sibal ~ Infamous For Extricating RCOM


Kapil Sibal is one of the senior Congress politicians in the country. An eminent lawyer, Sibal has served as the Additional Solicitor General of India and has been the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. He has served as a Cabinet Minister in various Ministries like Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Human Resource Development followed by the Ministry of Communications & IT, and the Ministry of Law & Justice.

Kapil Sibal Hacked 394x296 The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations

Serious charges of corruption were leveled at him in relation to his decision as the Minister of Communications and IT to extricate Reliance Communications from paying a hefty fine of 650 Crores.

According to the rules governing the Universal Access Service (UAS) licenses, that were granted to Reliance Communications Ltd and Reliance Telecom Ltd, any violations of the license agreement like the termination of services, which RCL and RTL were guilty of, will attract a fine of 50 crores per circle. The termination of the services in 13 circles by Reliance communications and telecoms led the department of Telecommunications to charge a fine of 650 crores from RCL and RTL.

kapil sibal The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

It is alleged that when the files came to Mr Sibal for his approval, he merely identified the termination of services for such a long time as a mere ‘interruption’ and saved RCL and RTL from paying the hefty fine. This instance of helping private firms at the expense of the public exchequer raise serious questions about Mr Sibal’s true intent and if there was any hidden deals between Mr. Sibal and the Reliance.

Praful Manoharbhai Patel ~ Infamous  for leasing huge number of aircraft for cash strapped Air India


Praful Manoharbhai Patel was born in Kolkata into a Gujarati family. His father late Manoharbhai Patel was a congress politician. Praful Patel, a B. Com graduate from the University of Mumbai, followed in his father’s footsteps by entering politics and in 1991 he was elected to the 10 Loksabha.He quickly climbed the political hierarchy and given the independent charge in the Ministry of Aviation in 2004.

Praful Patel tainted The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations

Initially praised for the boom in the Indian Aviation industry he was criticized for the decline of Air India. Grave questions were asked by the Parliamentary Committee on Transport regarding his controversial decisions on acquiring and leasing a huge number of aircraft for the cash strapped Air India.

The Parliamentary Committee on Transport in its report said “Aircraft Acquisition Programmes of the erstwhile Air India and Indian Airlines were finalized in haste.” It further observed “The entire aircraft acquisition programme lacked required transparency” and mentioned “Reasons for going ahead with huge purchases by the Ministry of Civil Aviation despite Air India and Indian Airlines not having the capacity to support it, remains unknown to the Committee.” It went on to recommend “…that this aspect needs to be further probed to fix responsibility for taking such an ambitious decision that has become big financial liability.

Patel further received flak from Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal regarding his decision to open lucrative air routes, where Air India was enjoying profitable business, to private players and thereby surrendering the few good profitable avenues that Air India had. They alleged that Praful worked for the interests of the Private players and they suspected that he received kickbacks from these Private airlines.

praful patel corruption The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Moreover his decision to buy aircraft worth 67000 crores without proper appraisal and transparency led anti corruption activists demanding investigation into these deals for malpractice and corruption. Given the huge money involved in these deals and the hasty and oblique manner in which aircrafts were bought and leased, the possibility of large scale corruption cannot be disregarded

Kamal Nath ~ Infamous for Rice Scam


Hailing from Kanpur, Kamal Nath was first elected to the Loksabha in the year 1980.The former Union Minister for Commerce and Industry has also served as the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for the Textiles as well as Environment and forest in the past. He is infamous for his alleged involvement in the riots against the Sikhs in 1984.

kamal nath corruption The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Involvement and Allegations

He has also been fined by the Supreme Court for damaging ecological balance by constructing a hotel on the backs of river Beas and thereby causing grave damages to the environment and nature. His involvement in the rice scam as the Minister of Commerce has come under the scanner. There are allegations that despite the ban on import of non basmati rice by the government of India, Kamal Nath let private players trade in the international market and earn huge profits.

The ban on non basmati rice had led to the rise in the price of rice in the international market and poor African countries were not able to buy sufficient amount of rice due to its scarcity and high price in the international markets. To let African and other poor countries buy rice from India, the Government allowed some public and private players to do trade with poor countries. But there are allegations that the private players were allowed to keep the price high and do business with the African and other foreign countries independently.

rice scam upa regime The Corruption   Tainted Ministers in the Previous UPA Regime

Team Anna accused Kamal Nath of facilitating the private players in earning huge profits by flouting the rules regarding the ban on non-basmati rice and by not engaging and trading with the foreign countries’ governments on a bilateral basis. The private players, it is alleged, bought rice at cheap rates in India and sold them at premium high rates in the international market instead of trading with poor countries at cheap rates.

In a document released by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, they mentioned that “The Government of Ghana on 13 Aug, 2009 sent a seven page letter, in which they demanded that there should be an investigation on the then Foreign minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and the then Commerce minister Mr. Kamal Nath, in relation to this matter.” There are also allegations against Kamal Nath of protecting corrupt officials from CBI investigation in the National Highway Scam.

These are the few former Cabinet Ministers in Dr. Manmahon Singh’s government who have been accused of corruption during their tenure as cabinet ministers. Though not yet proven but these allegations and the sheer scale of corruption is quite alarming. The huge amount of money involved in these corruption cases points to the fact that such heap of ill gotten black money can only be hidden in foreign banks. So will we find some of the above mentioned names in the list of black money holder list? We can only wait and watch.

By: Avinandan Choudhury


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