Its important to be Happy with what you have and to be thankful

 A few months back,on our way to Ooty by car, we stopped by near Mettupalayam for a tender coconut drink. We met this wonderful couple selling tender coconuts, butter milk and a local summer drink called ‘kambam kool’( pearl millet drink).We had three tender coconuts and were about to pay for it. This couple gave another tender coconut for “free” and told us “just drink this and see it’s taste, it’s so sweet!”.Though we were full, we did not feel like declining their loving request and so just drank it for their sake. When we offered money for it, they refused to receive it.Considering their economic background,we were surprised to see such a couple who find happiness in making others happy. We found them so joyful and contented, though their income wasn’t high. As I was waving ‘bye’ to them,I wondered how many of us are happy and contented with we have !

count your blessings Count your Many Blessings

The Petition People!

We often come across many people whose past time is complaining. They complain against everything-the sultry climate, the watery canteen tea etc. the useless politicians, boss’ rude behavior, the chaotic traffic etc. They seem to be unhappy with everything.Not satisfied with their’unhappiness’,they try their level best to make others also unhappy ,with their nagging complaints. Over a period of time, people identify such’ Petition People’ and start avoiding them for good. Now why do people complain constantly? The answer is – because they do not count their blessings!

Your Blessings Check List!

Here’s a check-list of your blessings.

  • ·        I am alive and breathing today!
  • ·        I have a family to belong to.
  • ·        I am married/ not married
  • ·        I have food to eat.
  • ·        I have a wife/ husband
  • ·        I have a child / children
  • ·        I have a house I own or on rent
  • ·        I have legs to walk or bike or car
  • ·        I have a job

This is a sample check list. You can draw your own.

grateful for the day Count your Many Blessings

Thank God For All Blessings!

One way to keep everyone in your family happy with what you have is to have family time together every night before going to bed. Every family member should take turns and say a word of prayer’ Lord, we thank you for this additional day of life for us. We thank you for our  loving mom, dad —— (List out all blessings)’. You try this in your house yourselves and watch the happiness and contentment growing.Only when we list out our blessings,we realize that we have so much ! I have a right to preach this as I am practicing it since 2004 in my family.

Like wise,before every meal make it a point to thank the Lord for providing that meal. You can also share with your children at the dining table that there are so many people in India(around 400 million) who do not have the privilege of three meals a day. You can make your children understand how it would feel without a meal and encourage them to share their surplus with the needy in the neighbourhood .You can set an example by giving something to the needy in the presence of your children. Children take to their heart what they  see you do then what you tell them to do.

Thankful Count your Many Blessings

But  Contentment Does Not Mean….

Let me add that’contentment’ does not mean that you should be happy with the thatched house you live now and never aspire for a 2 BHK house! Yes,’contentment’ does not mean that you cannot work for improving your income, plan for a house and acquire it! But till you get it, be happy with your present thatched house and wait for God’s time for your plan to materialize.

‘ Contentment’ also does not mean that you should be insensitive to disorder and chaos. Wherever possible you can try correcting it without complaining. Where nothing could be done, for example, chaotic traffic conditions, just accept it for survival sake.

Let me close with a verse in a popular English song we sing

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,

When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,

Count your many blessings, name them one by one,

And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

 Let us all count our blessings and have a happy and contented day, everyday of this earthly life!

Happy Couple Count your Many Blessings

                                                                  The Happy Couple Selling Coconuts

By Sundar A.S

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