Harsh Vardhan’s Idea of a Silent Diwali is a Good One. Firecrackers are a noisy, polluting, unnecessary waste of money. Diwali is better celebrated without them

counter diwali Counter View   Harsh Vardhan’s Idea of a Silent Diwali is a Good One


  1. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan recently addressed a letter to the Lt. Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung, urging him to enforce an order of the Supreme Court bans that noisy firecrackers in residential areas. This year he has called for a ‘Silent Diwali’ that will reduce noise and air pollution. (Read More at India Opines)
  2. If we presume for a moment that it is not a personal agenda, but a desire for the greater good, and for the implementation of the law of the land that has caused Mr. Vardhan to call for a silent Diwali this year, there are many reasons why this is a sound idea.
  3. The noise of ladis, bombs and other noisy firecrackers can be quite deafening and the cacophony continues through the night. It is impossible to ignore and it can be distressing in the extreme. It can prevent infants and old people from getting the rest that they need. People who are ill or in hospital can suffer because of this. Kids who have exams may find it impossible to concentrate on studies. As for pets and other animals, their faces wear uniform looks of terrified bewilderment during this time.
  4. Noisy firecrackers means that even those people who do not want to participate in the festival are dragged into it willy nilly. It is a little like forcing a person to play Holi when they are not inclined to do so.
  5. Why do fire crackers have to be noisy? We can light the phool-jhadis, anars, rockets, the ground chakkars and enjoy a lovely, festive Diwali. The Diwali tradition that demands the lighting of firecrackers for warding off evil is also satisfied and there is no noise pollution either.silent diwali Counter View   Harsh Vardhan’s Idea of a Silent Diwali is a Good One
  6. In fact one would well argue that firecrackers are quite unnecessary altogether; every family spends thousands of rupees on firecrackers which literally go up in smoke in a matter of minutes. This money can be far better utilised for any worthy cause.
  7. It is a fact that firecrackers are dangerous; there is a strong argument for avoiding them altogether. Each year serious accidents are reported where people are injured and property is destroyed because of crackers.
  8. Saying that there are worse sources of pollution and so don’t target this one is a specious argument. By that token, no social evil should be attempted to be corrected without first getting rid of the bigger, more malevolent evil. (a bit like saying let’s not fight dowry until we stamp out patriarchy completely)
  9. And as for reducing noise pollution, every Indian needs to contribute to this cause. We all need to stop making religious justifications for public nuisances – blocking roads, setting up loudspeakers, importuning people for contributions –we should all be self regulating ourselves in these respects and stop using religion as an excuse to impinge on the rights of others.
  10. Surely the spirit of Diwali can be better celebrated by lighting diyas, doing charity, engaging in prayer and spending quality time with friends and family?
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