Cow in the current scenario of India is nothing more than a vote-making tool. The latest print ad of BJP in BIhar is denotative of this.

The species of ‘cow’ in the animal kingdom bears a paramount importance in India. Knowing, that each of you would nod in green for the aforementioned statement, I would not elongate the fine nuances associated with a ‘cow’ in India. Yet again, a day ahead of polls in Mithila, Kosi and Seemanchal districts of Bihar, the supreme, holy cow was roped in. Certainly, that what entails without even my elucidation is that it was for personal perks.

cow hinduism mother Cow  A Four Legged Animal To Amass Votes

BJP, just ahead of the polls in muslim-laden districts of Bihar, to turn the tide in favor of the saffron, launched a print ad depicting a girl’s arm cuddled around the nation’s diva, ‘cow’. Alongside the visual delusion laid the ditto-said, anti-cow, words of Nitish Kumar’s allies, over which Nitish Kumar has been silent. BJP’s this, shoddy ad demanded Nitish’s break of silence. Well, lucid enough it is to reckon the BJP’s conspiracy to boost up their vote bank and induce the reverse for their rival ‘Mahagathbandhan’.

cow vote bank Cow  A Four Legged Animal To Amass Votes

Not to support Nitish and his allies but the requisite of disciplinary codes and fairness in an election, I’s literally contented on learning that the Electorate Commission imposed a restriction on their print-ad and asked publishing houses to not transmit such sordid ads hence forward.

The parties have really altered the meaning of cow to reap in their own profit. Cow is nothing more than a subtle instrument of secularism-masqueraded-communalism.

By Prerna Daga

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