Mainpuri riot has once again proved that religion would keep taking lives. People care for sacred cow souls but not sacred human souls. What a paradox!

Dadri lynching case still since last week has been making it to the front pages of newspaper, to top, Mainpuri lynching is an additional serving to newspapers. Mainpuri is a town, 100 km from Agra, where, on Friday, a mob of 500 lynched four men accused of killing cows, leaving behind 2 hospitalized in a critical situation.

akhlaqs family Religion Kills!

Akhlaq’s death was decreed in the morning by a priest of temple who witnessed Akhlaq’s covert consumption of beef, likewise the lynching of these four convicts too was promulgated in the morning after a group of men noticed them skinning the cows. The transpiration of this sight propagated in the entire town triggering the crowd of 500, who impulsively set out in pursuit of vengeance. Police who turned aside the mob’s plea to re-tribute the four convicts with punishment incited more wrathfulness within mob. This wrath of theirs manifested as the flared-up shops and kiosks. As always, the force used the tear gas to bring down the agitation in the air.

assam riots 2pakistan atrocities Religion Kills!

IG, Agra Zone, DC Mishra told TOI that “the cow was a dead one”. He added, “The men were only removing the skin for sale to a tannery. Our initial probe shows that they had not killed the cow.

She added, “We came to know that the cow had died of natural causes. The owner himself had given the cow to the two men to remove its skin. The cow’s owner’s son had spread rumours about the slaughter, setting off the violence. The cow’s owner and his son are both wanted in the case.”

Isn’t the situation on the verge of massive riot? Isn’t it the recurrence of the recently-transpired Dadri case? Isn’t the religion becoming a sword of death but not a treasure of morals? Is it actually holiness or the egoism which is being tried protecting?

Not Kill in Name of Religion Religion Kills!


Had the concern really been for the sacred cows, sacred souls of humans would never have died.

By Prerna Daga


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