Thirty years of rule under the CPI(Marxist) has ruined both Bengal and Tripura. Rahul Gnadhi’s campaigns to remove them from Tripura should succeed.

While campaigning in Tripura, Congres Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi made a statement that the CPI(Marxist) will be thrown out of Hindustan as the party was dislodged in Kerala and West Bengal. I cannot agree more , but with a slightly different point to make.

CPI(Marxist) should have been thrown out of India a long time ago. Now I am not saying that everyone in the CPI(M) is bad – certainly Buddhadeb Mukherjee was trying very hard have progress in Bengal , alas a few decades of “Cholbe Na” took it toll. It became impossible to implement any reforms whether it be industrial or land.

Jyoti Basu & Karl Marx

Essentially thirty years of rule under Jyoti Basu has ensured that the entrepreneurship and progressive spirit among Bengali’s was destroyed and replaced by insular thinking and nasty trade unionism and the mafia. In fact it is my opinion that under Jyoti Basu’s rule it became hard to distinguish between what is a Trade union and what is an organized mafia – both having the same mantra – do as I say – or fear your life. As an young adult you had a choice – join the CPI(M) cadre or be unemployed. As a CPI(M) cadre you enjoyed unlimited power of the poor and the defenseless. Hardly a form of power to the people form of government imagined by Marx – rather it was power to the Cadre’s.

Land Reform

Rahul Gandhi with Bhupinder Singh Hooda 300x297 CPI(Marxist) will be thrown out : Rahul Gandhi

Of course Jyoti Basu’s proponents (are there any ?) tout the famous land reform – these reforms were done very cleverly – give the poor a small piece of land – small enough to give them ownership pride but not large enough for economic viability. And then let them depend on the Cadre for help and sustenance ensuring their votes. Yes they were voted to power again and again – but what were the poor to do ? They had no options. They had been made slaves to the system.

All power to Mr Rahul Gandhi in his quest to throw CPI(M) out of India.

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